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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, July 20, 1917"

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Official Organ of tb Supreme L^;& A. 

Wpt 0t Cimis 2Urgn* 

VOL. VI. NO. 14 

ST. LOUIS. MO.. FUpAY. JULY 20. 1917. 


New] Exodus Dae To Feeling Of Unpro- 

tection When Militia Quits Ill-Fated 

Town. Belt Citizens Leaving. 

Senator Shannan Say* "Citizant Are Living On Edge Of 

Volcano." Insurance Companies Canc el ling Rulu. 

Landlords Ask Tenants To Move. 

Regardless of the fiet that ovary 
effort has been made to quiet the un 
re >t among the Negro citizens in East 
St. Louis. It ii . undeniably true that 
the ill fated city is gradually being 
evacuated. - This does not apply only 
"io tho recent comers to tne plane, bat 
to old residents as. well- Men who have 
■pent their lives in building up a sab' 
stantlal business, w ho'\, have accumu- 
listed property and havr established 
reputations for ' thrift and honesty, 
whoso honor is above reproach, u« 
leaving all the fruits of their energy 
behind and fleeing to other parts. 
Wagon load after wagon load of house- 
hold effects are almost continuously 
crossing the . bridges to St. Louis. 
Others going in different directions, 
travel to surrounding towns, where 
housing conditions aie already over- 
taxed - and many tents are beginning 
to appear. The tenement districts of 
St.. Louis are. becoming congested i 
few .houses are. for rent. There is 
estimate) of the number of families who 
have left East St. Louis, 'but 'many are, 
of the opinion that within another < 
only a feyj wiU remain. 

It m». generally. thought about a 
week ago that eonditioen wen nettled 
and tfce Negroes would" return," but 
since it has been learned that . all i h 
troops will be Withdrawn oil or before 
the 35th of this month, preparatory 
to being mustered into .the regular 
army service; and means* of repeated 
statements being circulated that so 
soon as the soldiers are gone the Ne 
grasi 'would again be attacked by the 
mob, a new exodus has been started 
by those who were inclined to stay. 
They state thai their homes- have been 
invaded by the' police and military 
forces and their arms taken and they 
are thus left at the meroy of the 
without self protection. 

To date, twelve indictments have 
been returned against 8 ' white and 6 
Colored. .In the eyidenee being sub- 
mitted, charges and cross charges ar< 
being made by the police and. militia 
against each other, but there seems te 
be a general inclination, by all, to fas- 
ten the blame an the Negro and re- 
lieve the city of financial reapo 

Reliable information has rea 

the Argiis that Are insurance agents 
in East St- Louis are cancelling risks 
on property occupied by Negroes and 
nil! not ran? the . reapo niflrilily aft- 
er the militia departs. It is 'rnmored 
that landlords are requesting their 
tensnts to move and that certain t: 
payment furniture housee are offering 
ts 'take back partially paid for fur- 
niture and refund amount advanced. 
At a meeting of the City Council of 
East St. Lonis yesterday the Board of 
Aldermen rejected the plan of Mayor 
Mollmnn and a committee of citizens 
to appoint a new Police Board. Mayor 
Mollman said thatjlf he were to np- 
r.n::it s new Police Board the Council 
would refuse to confirm his appoint- 
ment. This peraaokintry- disposes of 
the attempt of the eitiiene.ta change 
the board, it lit said. 

WASHINGTON, July 19.— Urging 
prompt adoption of his resolution for 
a congressional investigation of the re- 
cent race riots at East St. Louis, Ilk 
Senator Sherman today told the Senate 
the situation still was serious there aad 
"there is as much influence in procur- 
ing acquittal of guilty wen in Illinois 
.as i Here ever was in Georgia." 
. .".I ask this because this country is 
liable i.i '.x again • humiliated, '* - said 
Senator Sheraaa. "Both the Negro 
and the white e i tiien. of East St. Lonis 
are riving on the edge of another com- 
motion, oa tho edge of a volcano, that 
■ it reswjt .in a riot worse than the 

Senate* Lewis said any federal in 

vcsiigarion should not interfere with 
atata aaUea ana* that ' the Department 

The report circulated in the Eiiosrds- 
villa district, of St. Louis, last Satur- 
day night that white residents in the 
neighborhood of Sumner High School 
were planning to destroy the building. 
Chief of Police Young assigned several 
policeman aad detective* to guard the 
school but the "mob" did not materi- 

Special officer Ira Cooper learned that 
h Mrs. (lib sua had visited a fortune 
teller, who prophesied the fire. 



Services Needed try Wat Department. 
Wat Secretary Fialasa Colored 
Tr ainin g Camp- 
Washington, D. C— In response to 
a letter from Dean Kelly Millar, of 
Howard University, > Secretary Baker 
iaaued a statement, to the effect that 
Colonel Young baa been restored to 
active duty. Dean Miller's letter t* 
the scctatary transmitted the com- 
plaint of Attorney Charles 3. Derden, 
of . J..-.S Angeles,, which represented 
the possibility of injustice being 
done Colonel Young at the present 
tine. Burden stated that it was tho 
opinion of men well informed on the 
subject, thst Colonel Young would bo 
retired by the government for tbo 
purpose of ^preventing bis further ad- 
vancement in the army, and his ac- 
tual participation in the present war. 
In response, the Wat Department is- 
sued the following- statement: 
"Dear Desn Miller: :f~ ' 

"I have just received your note/of 
July 5, and return, herewith the com. 
pljtint which you enclosed. I' am/ very 
happy to tell you that the work at 
Des Moines Camp is progressing re- 
markably well, snd the reports I have 
from it arc very good. The spirit 
of the men is fine, and apparently 
this encampment is going to do a 
very great deal of good, both to the 
country and to. the men. involved. 

"Your correspondent writes chiefly 
concerning Lieutenant Colonel Y'oung, 
a Colored officer of the regular army 
aad a graduate of West Paint, and 
a man with a line record for service 
in the' army. .Sometime ajro a board 
of.offieen passed open his healthand 
found him completely incapacitated 
for service; not obviously and visi- 
bly, bnt because", unfortunately, of 

their rinding that he 
»it,li a chronic disease. 


tion is that it •■ni Bright "a Diseeae. 
The report of , the board was ap- 
proved llv the .surgeon general, but in 
view of the fact that Colonel YoUng'a 
record is a long and honorable one, 
and the government needs officers of 
his. rank 'and ability, it was directed 
that the .report of the board 'be re- 
examine 'the question so^as to make 
quite, sure that there could ilot be any 
error in the matter. I have directed 
that the report of the board be re- 
turned to me personally'' before being 
acted upon, not because I .find myself 
able to believe that any prejudice 
would produce the deep dishonor of a 
false report, but beeanae I want to 
be able- to give ths assurance to all 
who inquire -that I have givenniy own 
pescuaal thought and attention to this 
case, in which so man V are interested. 

"I hope the board will find Colonel 
Young still able to perform - active 
"duty. In. the' meantime,, I have di- 
rected .that he be restore. I to active 
duty, and have at least' the hope of 
being able to have hia.. assistance tor 
the present. 

"Cordially yours, 
"Newton D. .Baker, 
"Secretary of War." 

There are only three com missioned 
Coin red officers in the 'regular army, 
aside from the array chaplain- Co!. 
Young, Captain Davis, who has faeeta 
sent to the Philippines with the Ninth 
Cavalry, aad Captain Green, whs ii 
a m atlsa in *. in Liberia. , , 



Donations- To Date, (607.65 Belief 
Amounts To (118.52. Goni- 

C. P. 

ganUed. Much Need 
Tor Clothing. 

The St. Louis Branch N. A 
is busily engaged in eollectii 
necessary to relieve the suffering inci 
dent to the East St. Louis' riots, and 
to carry on the work of legal- investi- 
gation and proseeution of the criminal- 
ly guilty. 

The Committee on Finance has un- 
dergone reorganisation within the pros, 
ent week and; is constituted as follows: 
Rev. William H. Peek, chairman: Mr. 
William Ii Huffman', secrete ry-treaa- 
drer^Dr. J. T. Caston; -Rev. B. F. Ab- 
bott.: Mr. A. W. Lloyd and Mr. James 
L. Usher. _ 

The new committee has inaugurated 
a atate wide canvass for funds to. 
bio the St. Louie Branch to raise two 
thousand dollara required for the legal 
investigation aad' prosecution. Betu: 
are now coming in. The following is a 
complete list of cash donations 
East St I.o-.iis Refugee Relief Fund 
to ^tte; (See list). 

It Is highly imperative that every 
person of color should share in this 
movement, for his individual safety ii 
involved. ." \ 

All contributions should be sent di 
rect to Mr. William H. Huffman, sec 
retary-treasurer, at 3137 Pine Street, 
St. I.inns, Missouri. 

Mr. Paul W. Moseley is in charge of 
the relief wor* with headquarters ni 
Pythian Temple, 3137 Pine St. Tit 
following cases of relief have been ad 
ministered to. date: (See list}. 

The work of the relief. 'committer 
has developed tho fact that there ii 
a Ureal need of clothing* among the 
sufferers of the East St. Louis riots. 
All persons disposed snd able to do so 
(Continued on Page S.) 

st. paul sunday school 

The St, Paul A. M, -E. Sunday school 
picnic will take place Thursday, Au 
gust 2, at O 'Fallon Park. The fol- 
lowing amusements will be featured: 
Volley and baseball, tennis and cro- 
quet gnmes, "races, drills and balloon 
ascension. Other Sunday schools are 
requested to participate in the 

The great enthusiasm evidenced by 
tho.popils and tho co-operation of the 
church auxiliaries promise Co mskn 
this the rojiat enjoyable outing of the 
season. All are cordially invited. Mu- 
sic will be furnished by the Odd Fel- 
lows Band. E. H. Thomas, "General 
Chairman; B. W, Kenedy, Supcrin 
tendent; Jloecoe Crenshaw, Secretary 
Dr. W. 8. Johnson. Pastor. 


This is to notify the, public that I 
am no longer treasurer for the Kaat 
St. Louis -Refugee Fund. Aron E. M* 
lone, Porb College. 3100 Pine St. 

Am ricas Woodmen 

Da- light Excursion 

The American Woodmen, the new. 
est, largeet and moat successful or- 
ganization in the world, will give a 
daylight excursion to Washington 
Park, on Che' steamer Grey Eagle 
Monday. Aopmaf fl. The boat ' wjll 
leave at 10 a m. aad will atop at 
Alton, Ok, each way. Round trip 
tickets, eddlts only 35 eents, children. 
25 cents. .'«>'. W. Grant, "The OH 
Campaigner, 11 has been - engaged to 
direct. This will be the first day- 
light excursion he 'has directed io 
twenty yearn; 

The committee consist* of; T. L 
Gentry, Bismark Lavine, J. II. Jones. 
Dr. ft, C Haskell. Jea. T. Bush. Ii. ,.1 
Raymond,. Jan. P. Murray; Mesdnm'es 
Mattie Ma lane, Minnie Turner, Nora 
Logan, aad Catharine aftwtanan 

Printiag. Mo job too small te re- 
ceive ' our oarsf ol attention. Argus 
Print, 13*1 Market St. 

As W« Go to Press, 650.000 Numbers Are Being Drawn for Draft Into The Army. 
All Men Selected Must Appear Before th« Exemption Board, Which Will Have Power 
to Accept or Reject. Nearly One-third Will be Rejected. 



' It ij commonly said that opportunity 
knocks once at the door of every one, 
and in the lives of all great men of the 
past »n can point to the psychological 
moment that mado them "great and 
gained for them undying fartfp. There 
never was nor never will be a better 
opportunity for the President to prove 
his sympathy and fair dealings to a 
rate aa expressed in a letter to Bishop 
Alexander Walters in New York City, 
October 10, 1P.12. His words ore as 

"Tho Colored- people of the United 
States have made extraordinary pro- 
gress toward aelf support and useful- 
ness, and ought to be encouraged in 
every possible and proper way. My 
sympathy with them is of long stand- 
tag. and I want to assure them through 
you that ahould I become President of 
the United States, you may nmnt upon 
me for absolute fair dealing and for 
everything by which I could assist in 
advancing the interest of their race 
in the -United States. 

Cordially and sincerely vours, 

woodrow Wilson. 

The, Bishop did the race a great serv- 
ice jn preserving this letter, and it 
fhiStild- serve as a reminder (or all 
time, whether promise is kept or broken. 



In your issue of July 13th appeared 
a statement of Mr. W. C. Gordon which 
contained many things untrue. 

The undersigned request that you 
give the public an opportunity to .hear 
the other side. The statement by Mr. 
Gordon' that he had advanced th* sum 
of t5000.00 to Increase the •rWtal 
stock of the Acme Laundry Co.Jia un- 
true. Inasmuch as Mr. Gordon has 
seen fit to make the atatement abnul 
[he increase of stock and to rtaim that 
he advanced the money fur such in 
, reaae, it might' be well *o call atten- 
tion to the fact, that the first disagree- 
ment between the stockholders, Messrs. 
Kreeman. Mitchell.' and Moore came 
"bout through the insistence of Mr. 
irordon that he be given, without pay- 
ing for same, five shares of stock to 
which these stockholders would not 

Attention is called to the fact that 
rlio receiver's sale was brought sfaout 
>>v -tie ok holders of the Acme Laundry. 
These stiieli hold err. instituted a suit 
Bg*$aa< W. C. Gordon ami requested the 
■ ■„urt to appoint a rerciver, which was 
done. The rcreiver took eharge>f the 
I'rnperty snd upon investigation found 
i hat the charges the stockholders made, 
that the Acme Laundry "as insolvent 
(inn unable to pay its debts were true, 
nnd- the court ordered the receiver to 
-11 the property;, but not to pay off 
Hi* rarfrtgage indebtedness of the Com- 
pany o- stated in Mr. Gordon's ar- 
ticle. The validity of the mortgage 
"hich Mr. Gordon now claims to hold 
against the Acme I.aun.lry Co.. is now 
bring investigated by the receiver and 
its legality is yet to he determined in 
■■i suit now pending in the Circuit 

The undersigned also state that ths 
purely philanthropic motive, which Mr. 
i-ordon ela'im* was his reason for in- 
"■stinj; In the Acme Laundry, is not 
"liuwn "by anv of the proceeding* had 
j -i the rourt. as every charge made 
tgalaat W. C. Gordon by the stock- 
holders has Dot only Not Been Denied 
i-.e him, but stands admitted on the 
n-cord. a reading of which will con 
, iaee any ones even Mr. Gordon, that 
tt in only motive in subscribing for the 
■toe* of' the Acme Laundry was to 
make money, just as the other stock- 
li olden hoped to do. 

Ii. !■: Freeman. 


Therr will be a Grand Moonlight 
Eteareioa given by the Medinah Pa- 
irol Drill Team of the A. E. A. Or- 
der Nobles Mystic ghriners, Monday 
night, Jnly 83,' on the' steamer Grey 
Kagle host leaves foot of Olive 
IStraet 8:30 p. m,,, rain or shine. Re- 
freahmenta will be served. Admission, 
3-i eent. round trip. J"av, '*'. Grant. 



Famous Btulneai Woman, After Long 
and Successful Trip Through Wan 
and Booth; Ooeat to New Tork for 
Mvit^Matdad Rest 

Now York, Jnly 11— Mme. C J. Wal- 
ker, the far-famed business woman 
whose nsme is a household word 
throughout the country, returned to 
the city last Friday after a strenuous 
and successful business trip of eleven 
months throughout the South and 
West. Mme. Walker wnt accompanied 
by her secretary. Miss Annie Grace, 
for ten vests an instructor at Wiley 
University, Ma tab all, Texas. 

Tired out by her long trip she 
plunged nevertheless immedlstely in 
the details of finishing the construc- 
tion .of her new home at Irvington-on- 
t ho Hudson. Asked by a news report- 
er aa to what aho thought of Colonel 
Roosevelt's stand on lynching, she de- 
clare* that it looted to her as If the 
Caucasian -rather than the Colored man 
teae guing back. His stand was not 
only not out of .place, but at the psy- 
chological moment and place. "His 
rnurage is equal only to his fhiroeis 
and his grand, patriotism," Tfaia ii 
the telegram Mine Walker sent: 

July S.'IMT. 
Col. Theodore Rouse v el t, 

Oyster Bay, I,. 1., N, V. 

Have just returned to the city unil 
learned from the papcrs/thnt you have 
dared to stand up against the flood of 
rare prejudice which is sweeping awny 
the foundations of equal liberties. Wi- 
Negrnes owe you a debt of gratitude 
already and this manly art of yours 
increases Ikht debt. I want you to 
tiniiw how deeply my. race appreciate* 
ibis noble conduct on your part which 
u,- .hall not soon forger. 
(Migned) MRM, C. J. WALKER, 

lufi W. Joutb fit.. 
M. V. Citv. 

upreial -"to th,- Argus. 

Prttan'etd Mass.- The "loHowinf mes- 
soge was sent to Ki ['resident Roose- 
velt l.y eitis.-us uf 1'illsfleld. 

il/. Thee, koosevrlt, 

Oyster Hay N. Y. 

We the SOU IVdored I'itifeos . of 
1'ittsliild Mass.. join in sending you 
mnny thanks hearty ■reelings sod 
t minks, fur your tiuprrjudin-ij speech in 
behalf of oiir people, in Csm^ie Hall, 
July fl. against tho riot and murder in 
1-i.St St. Louis. 

We thank you from the bottom of 
lior hearts fur speaking fur a nnMon 
of people without a vniee. 

We are your sincerely, the Colored 
omens of I'msfiVId Mass. 


Rev. C- W. Coffey 
irginia. is in tho ei 

■ f On 

gel jr,fl sol>er and industrious men, 
single ty witt families, to move to 
C)miir. Dr. Confer' is representing the 
Industrial league for' t'olored .J'eojhle. 
Hr states that 'Omar is a good lo- 
cution with schools, churches. Colored 
doctors aad preachers, also Y. M. C 
A.. Re. I Cross and puhlic bath 
houm-s. Houses ren,t for f<". \---v month 
and have large lots for ganlening 
and raising chickens, hogs, etc. Con- 
stant employment is guaranteed and 
traaaportation given free. 

Reverend Coffey \s stopping at the 
Douglas Hotel, | B«eumont and- Law 
i-.n. where he is receiving spplieant* 
U .in t Io 11 l m., u\-i 3..10 to.-S:30 
;- ni. daily in. roem Z'2. He has ar 
ranged- for a number c-f familiee to 
leave rtunday st 11 a. m. 

t'arde, bills, and letterheads. For 
<2uiek printing try the Atgui, iMl Mar 




From All Reporta. ""he Encampment 
In St. LoELs, Aug. 19-25, Will Be 
The Banner Meeting Of Tne Lodge. 



Says Texas Delegation Is coming And 
Reqnseta Convenient Headquarters 
For A Big Representation From 
The "Lone Star State." 

All indications point to tho St. Louis 
session and encampment of the Supremo 
Lodge. Knights of Pythias, Aug. 10-25, 
being the greatest nnd grandest over. 
Never befoij- in the history of the 
lodge has there been such a demand 

grounds; several additional atates 
havs been heard from and all will 
•end uniformed eompanlej and bands. 
W. a Willis, Grand Chancellor of 
Texas sent a denial, this week, of the 
statemeata credited to Urn in the Post , 
Siapatch and asked that quarters be 
arranged far the Texas delegation. His 
letter follows: 

Waco, Texas, July 13, 1917. 
Mr. W. E. Osborne, Geo. See 
Eolfl Market Ht. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Dear Sir and Brother: — 

Yonr letter of Jnly 11th to hand 
calling my attention to an Interview in 
the Post Dispatch of your city in which 
I am alleged to have been quoted aa 
aaying that the Supreme Lodge ses- 
sion would bo sailed off on account Of 
the trouble in East (It. Louis. 

In reply tfcerrto I beg to advise that 
if 1 am so. quoted, then 1 am incorrectly 
.quoted, inostnuch as I have not made 
any statement of thnt nature. 

A few dnvs ago, a reporter for the 


the telephone and was discuaaing the 
horrible affair in East. St. LeuU „nd 
asking of me whether or not the Su- 
preme Loi I gn. Wesaion would bo called 
off on that 'account: I told him it 
would be n matter left entirely to the 
Supreme Chancellor who would take all 
mattera under consideration, and if 
he deemed it advisable he would noil 
the meeting off. 1 slated to him fur 
ther lhal there had beeji snm-e talk in 
tate-alTmg that line, but nothing 


.In u i- 

1 wian to nssure 
feel as site in St, 

[lg Mossill 

would I 

llin Hifprcnio 
place in Ihj- 

iifge as 

fii.'l. if the Kupreme Lodge were to 
i ill EkfJ Ml. lrf,lti«, liersiiflally 
(jo as rendilv there ae 1 would 
er place. 

that localities after suffering from af 
fairs of the hind that happened in Kaat 
St. Louis In 'co mo notably better mime 
distcly thereafter than ar any ti/ne dur 
ing Ihe history uf tho city. I believe 
thai out of thin most unfnrtimste eir- 

that it will serve only to hasten the 
time iilieu muhism will lie s thing of 
the past 


i-le^a lion's headquarters. Kind 

IT arr< 

nge fnr us as convenient .head 

quart e 

, as is possible nrid let me heat 

rrom ; 

oi as soon as possible^ 

W ith best wishes 1 nm. 

Oen.'tal Bottler arranged for thren 
battalions end a band of 2H oieeea 
from t hi -rule a> Kansas, to attend the 
Huprein-- i:ncaro|jment. while_ he nas 
in Kan-:..- 'Sty last week. 

The loeal eommitteo of the Ancient 
United Knights and Daughters of Af- 
rica in making large preparations- to 
entertain the delegates and visitors 
who will - be in attendance here dur- 
ing the grand session August li, 4, 7 
and S. 

Gran.d' "Jester. W. Herbert Fields 
ttated thai this would surpaaa all pre- 
vious sessions in attendance as dele- 
gates would I'omn from far-away 

Every woman ia expected to register 
Saturday JtJy ?6 at a polling place in - 
:..-r- precinct- If you do not sign up - 
for iervici', sign the Hoover Pledge to 
be careful and not araste food. Polls 
■ ill be open from 3:00 a. m. to Y:l» 


■.■■-.' ■.-'•:■ ■■■ l ■ 

.-_' I 




I- We made it good 
| It mad® itself famous 

>>•» . ♦ 




MISS. K- A. UEfiOftY 

Poro College Company 

3100 Pine St. Dept. Y St. Louis, 


Boniont 2726 Central 5048 



Milt Birdii' Seal, licensed ambiilmer 
for ladies. Liter? carriages furnished 
for ail occasions. Open. day Mid riLcht. 

^ — m 

Send for * Free 
Trial Treatment 
for Syphilis, to 

OJd Or. Welch, JukiHnllc, Fla. 


2726 Lbcii Are. 

St. La.,.. Mo. 


Moving Van*, Packing and Shipping 




. "ANY OLD" 


111 NORTH 12ib STREET 


Louis Mencken 


2601 Market' Street 

Handles a First-clans Una of Goods 

Orders Promptly Delivered 


(lei uioiuraunirailiiM 
Argaa wbtn wa print »«r rick** a 
organ Print, 1341 Market. 


i Ci&nrs and Soft Drink* a Specialty 
Lsdiss' and Genu 'Shining Parlor 

W. Hughes 

Undertaker and- embalmer. Carriages for 'all oeeaaloDn. 

Mrs. J. W. Haghes licensed embalm* 
at. Phones, Bomoot, 89SS; Central 54.15. 
HUH) Law tod Ave, St Loots,. Mo. 



Whitens dark or brown akin. 
Bleaches and clear* sallow com- 
pl.atons, removes all blcmlnhci 
and causes Iha akin "to grow 
wblier. Sea thai you g«t the 

Southern University. 
Baton Rouge, Nov. 27, T6 
Jscobs'a Pharmacy Co., 

Atlanta, Ga.: . 

You will find enclosed 60c in 
stamps for which please send a 
package of your Dr. Palmer'.-. 
Skin Whi'tener aid Soap. I have 
used your . Skin Whttener anil 
Soap, and it improved my com- 
plexion so much. Send a* onct.- 
is 1 do not want to b« without it. 
' ' Yours truly,** ' 

S. J. R. CROSS. 



Lawton Are. Pressing 

«V CLUB ^ 

J; BAMS, Proprietor 
Cati'i Said Cleaned k Pressed $1.00 
Cleaning, Dyeing and Repairing of 

Ladies and Gents' Garments. 
2932 Lawton Ave. ■ . 

TryM i.Comor«l>>ofefs 
; Superb* Hair Grower 

Aad be convinced. Guaranteed .to grow 
Hair where others fail. 

CAN YOU BfiAj m 
StMtCO.0. AfMb 


PUt» UmskU MM L-n. TUtti Vus 




Light and HstTt Hauling and 

Packing, Shipping and Storage 
Second^Hand Goods ■ 

1006 Kin loch: Central 4B&* 

Rob't. P. Frltschle 


Dis—iprf,, Watch*. Etc 


LET (jg DO 

Your Printing 

YOU CAN MAKE $6.00 ft DAY 

■ .!»*-■ ►"■■ 


sr-sam •». setter ifcu all 
■...■' ..j:i . sea ass 

I it r*- 

. .1. 1.1- 1 


0*4 £■:,»! Hail 2SU More** 
Street- - Kewty decorated lodge 
rooms . and reception hall for rent. 
Special mention' private recep- 
tion*.. Rem very reasonable. See 
janitor or call the secrctsry'i office 
Phone, Delmar 42WL. 

Kin. Phoee Victor Ie6t-R 


Dealer in New and Second Hand Goods 
Beucht and Sold. Light ^aafing./ - 


■ -oCJRAIBaj; 





crulnada, Inventes by a Now Tort 

The Roots ot the Hair 
Just as a gobd fertilirer nanrishea 
the soil and produces a neb erop of 
wheat or corn, so will the proper rem- 
edy create' a healthy condition of the 
aealp, and promote thii growth "of the 
hair. ■' 'QI'IVAI.'.' E stimulates and 'nour- 
ishes the . toota ■ of the hnir,' thereby 
causing • healthy growth. 
- QUINADE was invented by a Now 
Yore ehemiat. and is made nnder.the 
personal supervision of i registered 
pharmacist at war. :»>nt_T lit rim' 
ext-erienee;- this is a goanatee that 
O.UINADE i r as near phanaaeenttsally 
correct as can be. Tba ingredients are 
aeleetsd with great care aad aofhiag 
eaten thin hi;h- class pr-paratioa na- 
tees It is of the his^ett parity. ' 

Seeby.'s qiNAHOAP,. Uu ideal •ham- 
poo, Is an enellent aid to QUINADE 
in .koepu'g the seaJp i« a elaaa, healthy 
eonditton. H ahoaid be osed abool 

Both artleloa are soU by 
and dealers" at 2V >«h,.or tain be 
srdt direct bj- t}*e6y Drag Co, T» K. 
130th St, !few York City, on receipt 
( Why Jeans never married? There" r.f pri™. nviw fm saapln rf CJTTN- 

m» reaaos. Scad ten ecats i« stasnne ! A DE, meetloning the aasse of »£■ pa 

for boofcJet Also Trara Aooat the pw— Adrt. * 

•■Pie. gJ.00: Snology oi the Bible. 

tt», Why Jcaas Was a Man aad Not 

a Woman. giOO ByiSWacy C Taap. 

*•* Islstf BWg, Kaaass CJty. Mo 

lam > psss fh ll, baa 

Agents Wanted 

T. Haadle OOMATAS HAIR aad 

•P COLORED ENlElcPRIi*E -sf,' 

* Full Dress Suits Fok Rent. .+ 


Socoad-Hnnd Over Costs. _,•> 


* OUvad«49 - i ■* r tfc 

+ 711 North Sixth Street Second Floor dV 

* + 'T+'f + + -f + + -f + f-f + -f + + + + -f + 4. + + X 


We Test Your Eye* 


And Sell Eye Olaaae 
and Spectacles' on Time 
Dr. Wm. M. Riley 

OSkvraSwsonAva.* Wash St 

■ 1KW— MARKET ST^-3100 

They will also loan yon moaey to boy 
ybar winter clothes. 

Bel). Bomoat 807 ; '; "- ' 

Prosser*s Funiture & Storage) Co. 

■,.-:' Time Payment Dealers' In 

331S.130 Olive Street Saint Lewis, Missonri 

"More For Your Money" 

Furniture Bought and Sold for Casn or Taken in Exchange for Moving. 


Phone Homo at 15)8 



-. . ar. loul', mo 


2039 Plneflt 
Every Sunday evnaing. New nua- 
UBOS L. Hall sad James 
White, saeeeasors to Prof; J. 0. Loeky. 
Mu.iie by Academy Orchestra. Lediea 
•ad.nitted free. GenU, IS cents. All 
w«eome. ■'_■", 


htma. dnlhona, hair saoejalist, »0tT 
Lawton, is offertag speeinl ladaeee^ntts 
to all new natrons. Phone, lie ■■.:■:; it 

Madam Point L. Long » 

The Wonderful Hair Culturist 

Treats the Scalp, Cures Dsndrofi and Tettot, Grows the Hair one-half inch 
per month, grows hair on bald heads. Manutacturies her own Remedies 

Firs? Application $1 .SO with Oil. Afterward* 50c. 
every two weeks 
Facial Massage. Manicuring, makerof Braids and Switches. Agents wanted. 



Yea. Can Haas With 

wi'rhaur in (mMm 

J—J—. Writ, at 

for ten dnva 




■Ow tho us a n d agents vented. Good money 
mad'. We. want agents in every city and village 
won lertol preparation. Can be used nrith or with- 
out straightening irons. - 

-ells fnr 25c per box-one bos will arove-its 
value. Any person that will use a 25c box will be 
con-, need. No putter what hni' failed ttferow 
your hair just give TEE' STAR HAIR GROWER a 
triai and be convinced." fiend 25c for fail site bcn_ 
Jf y "a wish to be an scent send ll.M'and wa will 
aenrt yon a (ul! supply that you can begin Work with 
at one*; asso n gaa i t s' terms. Send sll money by 
Mor-y Order to [ 



General, hauling 

. . A. WRIGHT. Manager. 

BomoBt USI-R 2753 WALNUT ST 

glAdvertise in Argus 

Standard Life Insurance Co. 


Capital Fully Paid $100,000.00 

Th^ only Old line Legal Reserve Life Insurance -Company 

owned and operated entirely by Colored People. Not 

FratemAl; nor Assessment, nor Industrial. Inauranca IB 

.-• force over J2,000;000. '' ' ~ 

Branch Offices Ip Missouri 

T. A. Oicksoa, Special Reprejeatslive 
2363 Mirkcl St., St. Louis C H. Feari-f, Afescy DWdW 

ISIS E. 18th St., Kansas City. St.wsrt * SsutL, Ageacy Director. 

The L Erdle Bakery & 


Bell Phone, Bomoat 2sl 

mirta ouTniru and sole *< 





m 1; MPIB AMOB ^ 

saomoi om, ill 

The member* of the Pint Mission- 
ary Baptist CbiUWk ere .very glad to 
taunt their fan** progress, under th* 
splendid leadership of Bov. Fills. The 
choir it to be congratulated for their 
excellent service, rendered under the 
supervision of Mm.' Wirt and Mr. O, 
W. t*»lf.' Sunday, July 8, «m a 
vary busy day with us. Suuds v school 
in th* Burning at 8:30, wu wall at- 
tended, .with uisny arw facta pres- 
ent; 10:30 Co IS f. in., covenant meet- 
ing,*! which tinis-iill present enjoyed 
a ■[•iritual feast with (out addition* 
to the church. .AH are invited to wor- 
ship with us. 
,- ^ 'Bav. J. W. Hits, Pastor. 


The Second Baptist ■ Church and 
Auxiliary an ptogreoiing in I 
• iy. ' We are glad to send greeting! 
.to all co- workers in Christ Our pas- 
tor, Bav, A. P. Harrotd, preached a 
wonderful eermon Imt Sunday . eve- 
ning. Rev. Smith was the gaett 
Sister Wright, of thl> city, a few daye 
ago. The delegate! tot the Action 
District Association and Convention 
will depart to represent our church 
August 8. Our choir, under the lead 
erihip of Brother Z. Jsehson, E. But 
ler and Bister Willie Holmei, is do- 
ing nicely. 


Br Mi™ H. N. Jsnen 

Mi« Luc in da Abernithy haa poet 
poned her trip to Mo., un- 
til a later date. . .Miss L. £ Williams 
and Mr. Wm. Sheppard left for Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark., last week, where they 
will attend the National Grand Lodge 
of M. T. of A. 'meeting. ..Him Beat- 
. rice VAmoqrauJt, of 433B Lucky St., St. 
Louis/ la the guest of Mis* Thelma 
Allen. The yonag people, .especially 
Mr. E. E. Alien, are putting forth 
. vcrv effort to make her stay in' this 
city a pleasant one.... The home of 
Mrs. Alice Handy was completely da' 
airoyed' by Are last Friday. Only a 
few of bar household goods were 
saved. ..Mr*. Vjrgie . Lookeridg* 
Sbeerwood ia still on the sick list. . . 
Prof. 0." O. Nance is somewhat indis- 
posed. . .Sunday services were enjoyed 
at PIsaaaat" Green Church, as usual. 
. , .Bav. . Henderson, of Clarksdale, 
Miss., waa the honored, guest at the 
A. M., E. Church last Sunday. .'.Rev. 
M. S. Smith and a. number of friends, 
including 'members of the Knights of 
G. 3. of E-, motored to AUenville, 
Mo., when- they attended, the annual 
sermon and banket dinner. Bov, 
Saslth's brief but excellent retnarks 
we M enjoyed by alL The party re- 
turned, to the Cape In time to aUend 
the evening services. 


By Mrs. LeoU Laird 

A.iplendid literary program isjirom- 
iied to be rendered by the members 
of the Christian Endeavor of the H. 

~E.-Uaur«h. .' All an UlUUL ht 
Graham, president. . .Mr. and Mrs. R. 
M. Wilkenoa had Mr. Freak Wilkcr 
mb, of Venn Dry Good* Company, 
Bt Loud, we rr plcasan t visitor! . at 
t be home ' of thoir mother, Mrs. Ellen 
Vi'jikereon, of K. Elm Bt.,' last Sun- 
day. . ..Mrs. Nettie Baker waa called 
to Washington, io attend the burial 
Of her mother .last Friday ... Mrs. 
Cora Jackson -.was called to' Pine 
Bluff, Ark,, laat Tuesday night to 'at- 
tend the burial of her' mother.,. Mm. 
Emma Sanders .departed laat Saturday 
for' different points in Arkansas, to 
visit relatives. . .Mrs. Lixrie Bald- 
win, of Oklahoma, spent . last Sunday 
with the Misses Julia and Lottie 
Quilf ora\ . . Mn- Fannie- Henry de- 
parted July IS .to visit her son, Bav. 
John Allen, formerly of Webster 
Groves, now residing at Sharon, Pa. 
...Mis* .Nannie' Whitman, of; Bt, 
"Loot*,- reported a. pleasant day with 
lire. J. C. ,Lswie, last Sunday- 1 -Lit 
tie Marjorie Crockett, nf 431! West 
Belle, is having a jolly time on the 
lawn of her' aunt, Mrs: J.' C. Lewis. 


Wm, B. Toley 

A group of young men met .,'t th 
A, M. E. parsonage Friday evenini 
and organized a club. The club willjuj. 

be auxiliary to the church, 
of thia club is to uplift young. men 
and for the entertainment of Strang- 
era. The following officers were 

elected; Fred Wilson, President; Weu- 
dtll Allen, Vice-president; Earl Payne, 
Secretary; Cap Coleman, Aeatetant 
Secretary; H. Hsiloy, Treasurer; Les- 
lie Bailey, Sergeant at Anns... Ml 1 : 
(leu. Davis and wife, of Sedalia, Mo., 
visited friends in this city a few days 
ago. Mr. Bad Urn Davia departed 
for Shelbiua, ' Mo.. Monday- moraiug. 
...Miaa Nettie Ellis, who has been 
visiting friends at Kansas City, Kans., 
has returned home. She reports a 
very pleasant visit... Mr. Wm. Brown, 
who has hsen visiting friends at Chi- 
cago,, til., ia in our city again.. ; .Rev. 
H. W. Botta ia back from hi a business 
trip to Dos Moines, Iowa. ..Miu Ma- 
bel Barnes, of Fayette. Mo, waa in 
Boonville Thursday evening. . .Mrs. 
Aanie Toley .attended- the annusL aat- 
mon of the U. B. F. _anB S. M. T. at 
Payette, Uo., Sunday. . .Mr. Elmer 
Larry, who'ha* been making hishome 
In St. Louis, ia. visiting friends and 
relative* no>e.. A party of aixteen 
young people motored to. Chouteau 
Springs Thursday evening. The par- 
ty waa chaperoned .by Mrs. Pauline 
Humphries. After spending, a pleas- 
ant time at Chouteau, the members 
at the party returned to. Boonville 

Marianne, Ark., departed for her 
home laat Tueadsy after a pleasant 
visit, with her cousins, Misses Willy* 
and Katie Smith. While ' hare aha 
waa royally entertained by Mrs. M. !L 
Wyatt and others.. .Mrs. Haiti* 
Moore ia seriously ill at her hom'a 
on Mary SL..:Me*d*me* A. K. Lna- 
lia, T. Richardson and James Blue 
were the ftrest* of- the Argus report- 
er Sunday,. .Rev, J. W. Jaeoba, - Pro- 
aiding Elder of Bt, Louis, held - a 
Quarterly Mooting at the C. M. * ¥.. 
Church. Bev. Jacobs, departed Sat 
day for Neelyvilla, Mo., where, 
will conduct, th* mooting there. . .Miss 
Kate Smith waa hostess to- the 
broidery Club at her homo on Mary 
Street a few dayi Ego. After spend- 
ing Bn hour working, the hostess* 
served a delightful luncheon. Miss 
Katie Smith, President; Mrs;. Juan 
Sylvester, Secretary.. .Rev. 
Reed, of Wynne, Ark., preached hia 
first sermon at Pleasant Hill Baptist 
Church, Sunday, July g. Everyone 
joyed his excellent remarks ... Tho 
Ladies' Community Club' mot at the 
home of Mrs. . E. 8. * Pendleton Mon 
day, July B, with '. eight members an c 
two visitors present. - The nest moot 
ing will he held at the residence ol 
Mrs. C. H. Hicks August 13. Mrs 
D. C. Freemon, Vice-President;' Mrs 

C. P, Jackson. Acting Secretary 

Mr. W. H. Crain-and son. Mastei 

Chauncey, «f Leslie, Ark,, psjiscd 

through thia city en route to Chicago, 

Sunday.. . ,Hr, Jas. Frantx is 


By Mrs.-C. P. Jackson 
Mr. Hardin Lovelace, of JOnesboro, 
rk., was a business visitor in. thia 
city Saturday. ..The- Embroidery Clnb 
gave -a* Linen Shower' In honor of Miaa 
Willye Smith, a 'future bride, al^th* 
home of Mrs. Edna Gibson, Monday 
night, July M:i. S. D. Conner, of 

quite ill at (it 



Mtss Leola Brow n-^and' Lome Sam 
ueis. of Edwardsvitle, M,.-. LnsQs 
t.slinway, Lillian Knight, Blanch 
Belle, Mrs. M.'.A. Hyndman, Rev. 
Mrs. Q. Brewer attended tba Sunday 
School Convention at Quiney, ill" 
last week... The tsotomobile, belong 
ing to Mr. 1. Evans, which waa stol 
en Fridnv, - July 13, was recovered 
Saturday, July 'if... A concert, 
given by the National Association for 
the Advancement of. Colored People^ 
at fhe Union Baptist Church, 1 
day, July Ifi, for the benefit of the 
East St. Losis sufferers. An e 
lent iirouraRi was rendered, after 
which a collection was. taken. , ,A so- 
cial was given alt the residence of 
Mrs.'C. V. Adams. Thursday, Julv IB, 
for the benefit of the North Side A. 
M. K. Churci.- An enjoyable evening 
was spent. ..A -Yi€ Social waa giveu 
Friday,. July 20, for the bencnt of 
Campbell A. If, E., Church. , All wit- 
hesseil a delightful time. . .A .carnival 
will be given-at the North Side A. M. 
E. Church July S3 snd 2*... The fu- 
neral of Mrs. Nora North was' held 
Saturday," July U; at the A. M. E. 
ehnreh...Canverta. f |h«. Salem 
Baptist Church were baptited in Wood 

Sunday,' July 


memOTy 1 of my- loving husband, 

■ W.' Otey, who. departed this 1 

inc. year a<;o. July 19, at Alton, 

(Signed! Mrs. Austin Otey. 

Motto.— Bn business with a neigh- 
bor, whenever thia la -possible, but at 

any rate -do boslnssn with your own 

rs'-e - A rrie ricsn Woodman. 

By Miss Days. ?. Baker 

Jilisa Alice Meyers has gone to Chi- 
cago. III., where ah* expeeta to maki 
ksK future home. . .Mndames Beutah 
Oayee and .Laverghe Smith of st 
Issnia, spent few days herc*s&>t week 
...Mr^rs. Chaa. Cnyee and Samuel 
Burtie returned to Featn* "Sundav 
pnod Will Lodge had the pleasure of 
baltinting Joe Carson, Ed Carao 
dhns. Carson^ Jerome Valle, Heni 
B«n''o. Weyman Boddie, Julius Joh 
son and Joseph LaMarqde Saturday 
night. ..Mrs. S. A. Smith attended t< 
basinesn at Ckffman last week. . .Cam] 
No. II of the Order of. Americai 
Woodmen perfected its orgaui/stioi 
Tuesday night, following a lecture b> 
Oommander B. J". Knoit, last Hondai 
night, at. the A. M. E, Church. B» 
(Mshaienta were serv3rl' each . night 
M>. Hy. Wilburn H'aa chosen Presid 
lag Officer of the Camp. . .Miss Mat 
Be A'alle haa gone' to Michigan tt 
spend her vac'aiion. . .Mr. J. p. Evani 
has been elected Sunday school dMe 
gate to the convention, which will 
convene at Springfield, 111,, August I. 
...Dr. Weber and Dr. Watkins per 
formed a successful .operation on Mr 
Onan Poston last Wednesday. The pa 
tient is doing- fine, fie waa visitec 
by his brpthcr, liev. A. Poston, of Fes 
tna, Mo., last Thursday. ..Miss Luet 
Ita Matthias was the guest of Mr 
and Mrs. L, Armourenx at Ste. Gen 

OVievo last week Miss Helen Mat 

thins was tho guest of Mrs. George 
Robinson, of Bonne Terra, Sundsv,;.. 
Mr. (loo. H. Powers, of St." Louis,* .wai 
the i-uest of Miss Alice Swlnk s fen 
day- ago. While here he wns enter 
tainert at the home of Mr. and' Mrs 
.In,- Franks. . .Among the out of town 
people to join the American Wood 
men Camp No. 11 were Mr. Gus 
Lyons and Miss Alcesta Douihit. 


By" Elmer Hnhbard 

rs. .f. H. Smith, bf East St. Louis, 

and Miss .Helen Curtis are.-vis- 

Mrs. Edward Smith, of' this 

..Rev. C. H. Miller preached at 

Mt. 71on Baptist Church.' St. 

s. Sunday. Rev. Miller, while at 

St. Louis, was among the large crowd 

heard .Dr,4>nBoia, of New York, 

t. Bev Miller and memberr are 

nj forth every effort in order 

thBl the Btreas Baptist Association, 

h ronven-s here August 20 to SB, 

equal all previous meetings 

Mrs. Hattie Sewell, who has been vis 
iirn'g friends at Moberly, Mo., haa re- 
turnerj' honie...Mr. nnd Mrs. Casner 
visiting friends at Alton, 111,, 
e they expert to mhke their fn- 
to* , e home. ..The Good Hope Baptist 
Church will hold their comJnnnion 
rn Sunday, -Rev. Monroe will 
bepresent... Mra. L. Johnson Of Au'- 

guata, visited -friends last week 

Mrs. . Ella Sheltnn and brother were 
the guesta of their parents, Mr. . and 
Jim Best.' Sunday.. .Miss Edith 
Itest left Monday, after a tbree- 
weeks' vlaitffeiith, her mother. Mrs. 
Annie Ball.. .Jr. Alonr.o E. lU-ynolda, 
of'Kinloch, Visited friends here Sun- 

: i -' - 


Sj Mrs. Madge ciirke '' 

Mrs. Viloy and daughter, Miaa Al- 
ice, of Huntsville... Mo_ spent a few 
days as the gncsta of Mrs. J. f. An- 

eell.. .Darlington Austin -and Preaton 
Wright spent Sunday in Louialnna, 
Mo Miss Leoua Dsirs nnS Mr. ■ Ves- 
per Qooding, of Clarence, Mo., spent 
Sunday, at Macon. Whi|ci here they 
attended the serrnon of tba S.. M. T. 
and U. & F... .Misses Mnbt*. -Smith. 
Victoria- Braase II, Flora Uisel; Maasn. 
Alfred Oliver and Cecil Henderson 
niotoreo _ 'to Clarence, Mo„. Friday eve- 
ning.. .Misses Edna Cooper^of Tren- 
ton, Mo., and Lillian Booker, of Lib- 
erly, Mo., are among the teachers at- 
tending the institute. :. Mr. Laurence 
Broadus. of Fiyetto, Mo., is the guest 
of his aunt,. Mra. T, Thumpson. . .' 
Mm. Moliie Qreeb spent Sunday at 
Bevier and attended the K. of P. 
sermon... Messrs. Martin Kelly, Peter 
Letrla nnd June Dameriin mere Ms- 
Con visitors Sunday: ,-,MiM. Alma. M=- 
Elroy is exrjected to leave soon to 
spend her vacation st Ilea Moines,* 
Iowa:. .Mrs. .It., (', Clark entertained 
Mrs. Harvey Evans, of St'Lottl*, Mo„ 
at- dinner last Sunday. , .Prof. F. Per- 
kins, of 'Kingston, Mo... is the guest 
of his brother, prof. E. W. Perkins 
und wife... Mrs.' Frank Perkins, of 
Fort no<l K e, In.', and Miss Mart- Wal- 
lace, of Clarence, Mo., were Maforf 
visitors Sun(1ny...Ke v . Dan Howard. 
Virginia. Wallace' and Artel Shivers 
motored to Monroe, Mo., Suiidov... 
The aermofi of tho U, H. p. & S, M. 
T. Lodge ws; larsely attended. 


By Jewell Wllstfu 

The members of the M. E. "Narurch 
were . favored by the interesting re- 
marks of u member of our raciXho 
lias recently come from Africa, His 
talk was based upon the eonditinns 
existing here and those of Africa... 
The Second Christian Church raised 
tneir rallv. . .Mrs. Clarence 
Galbert '* little' dsughter is very' ill. 
Gntle .returned from Vew 
Richland, Monday, where she has been 
daughter. Mrs F. ' Hub- 
bard.., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hubbard 
ire the proud parents of a tine baby 
ioy.... Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Rob- 
nson are the- proud parents of' a fine 
baby girl. Mother and baby are doing 
.The Hand Bay* gave n coo- 
Thursday night, 'which was u :,„c- 

Columbia and Fulton waa largely at- 
tended. " Scores' were in favor of 
Fulton, ..Mr. Warn Kinney, who nn- ' 
darwent a severe operation, ia im- 
proving slowly.. .Mr. Bob Kibbv ia 
on the sick list.. 

By P. V. M. 

Mr. »od Mrs. Wm. Bucknhr and 
children, of . St. Louis, Tte- visiting 
Mrs. Buckncr's father, Mr. C.'Ellett, 
this week. ..Miss Ella Ewing ia at 
home again . . .Rev. Wallace, daugh- 
ter and son, visited friends at Mo- 
selle Mo., Inst Sunday... Mias Hanoi 
White was the guest of her. aunt, Mrs. 
Morris, at Moselle, last week!.. . .Mri 
and Mrs. Murray entertained at din- 
ner Mr. and Mrs, Uuckner 'last Mon- 

The Mencbnm park ' First Baptist 
lurch, Meacham Park, So. Kirkwood, 
— •> Preaching Sunday 11 a. m. and a 
p. m. Prayer meeting 5 a. m. also 'rW' 
day and Friday nights. Covenant and 
McTament 4 very fourth Sunday at 3 
p. m., B. V. P. V. at 6:30 p. m., Sun- 
das; school at 9:30 a. m. ', 


You will always find, the Argus and 

all leading Colored newspapers on sale 

at the Olobe-News Stand, '351 Seal St., 

corner 4th, Memphis, Tenn: 

Okas. Stewart, Agent. 

cess. -.'. Tli,- 

gam* Net* 

Bonl gold-llled ey^Uane. for only 
on. dollar. Money back If yon want 
Sale Monday and - Tuesday at 
Harry Q. Dooglaai, Prseoription Drug- 
gist Quality and Service' Htore 8*00 
North Pendleton Avenu*. 

We actually .ell ,ou th* gwuia* 
gold-lllled eyeglasses or : - speotael*' 
frames, guaranteed to assay I-JOth If. 
karat gold 811*0% and to wear for ton 
yean. Similar glasses alsswhsrs, t*JX> 
np. With those frame, is a pair of our 
genuine psriseopie crystaL lens**, fitted 
fro* by our expert eptieian, who has 
had yean of experienc* in fitting 
glasses. Por only on* dollar. Special 
leasee extra, 13.30 rimless g'-srna. 
U.2S; 15.00 bifocal., two pain bTm, 
for (3.00. Bimllar 'glaana elsewhere, 
•4.00 and 10.00. "> 

Excellent Blood Medicine arid 
All Dyciyiltia Distrues < 

Win, Roberts'^ 

Cirt Sick 

Minute* Pr«pirgiii.ii for the IretlretBt of Dropsy y^ 

The W.iei 

Registered U. S. A. 
4241 -W Kennerly Ave, 

Phone, Delmar 1592 

■ St, Ipuii, Missouri 



tt th* Arsaaaai 

_. _.. . . _ • / 

Baptist CoHege. Littk Bock, Arkansas, i'rsf Jaa, A. Bawher. Prrajdent ,' Th«r Basses, corrwpondiat to photo anaoers, toi.ow 
Alensadar Low*, t, Aloaao AnUey, S, Arfsnaaiso Moon, Jr.. 6, J«*i* Lee Johnson, 7, Georgia Anna Gedby, H, Asberry Manfeeld assssstV », trma JnniU Grtsta 
Cohrasan, 1J, Pattarsoa, 14. Lillian tc BsW IS, Pleuher Peter PhiLUpi; 11, Narvu Marvin*. anaJafMa, U. Bend. Hanisoa MitehslI, la, Xagsu 
AsnU Male afatthea, O, Ads Hyacinth M* s.*>a u ,. 33,- Ernest Mearo* Jaekson, S4. pearl Kntaropi. Lse Ureen, 19, Joseph Henry Vletehes, tt, Jeraaae T. Ma- 
M, arngnas. Msnit law, II, Jean SpsrgM* Itoma, A, NeJ-on Frlii Davin, 33, JannJ* M.-lir* Hanson, 34, Miaa.. Ball Skith, IS, Eooart A.ralina Pattanoa, 



3tjp &t Hduih Argun 



Address all Comm unicetjori to 



Uo* Y*«r...: 
Six Hsnthe. 

Three Manlk 
Single copy. 


Be*. Jesse Bowers preached p «« 
.Irr/iil eertnon' at lit. Olive Bapti 
Church Sunday morning, which- was e 
Joyed by nil. Dr. Morris preached 
Anniversary Sorniw of the Mt. 01. 
Christian Union it throe o'clock. I 
delivered n short bnt interesting mn 
in the evening. Bev. Nichols */i 
preach for UK at 11:00 a. m., next fiu 
daj, AH are invited 'to be prescn 
Bev. D. W..Morria, paator. 

soia km «. 

riee ™ observed aft 
but Sunday momiing. 

We wero' pleased to nolo a number 
Of visitors in oar miiJtt. 

Mm. l'helnn and Miaa Quern of the 
Red Cross, of Washington D. C. wor- 
shiped with u*. **r*,; 

Sunday, July SSnd, will mark oar 
special effort to raise fundi to benuti- 
fy tbii auditorium. Bpocial muaioal 
program will; be rendered., Visitors al 
ways welcome. — S*v. &'. W. Put, 


Advertising Rate* Furnishes oo Request 

Airtlt lilt tt lA. fsslC 


NATttHAL NI»M •*•■■• 

tan* hrHcrucuse'vi. rr— it r™ i Ssns BaUtfsa 
■ SalMhic. IfaahinSaiaa, rrwt A rnn. IWvudMiLil. 


According to press reports, during a race riot at Flat River 
St. Francois County, Mo., a few days ago, when white men were 
arrayed against foreign born men regardless of whether they were 
citizens or aliens; the leader of the mob carried a large American 
flag; and aa the rioters moved about the town, malting every for- 
eigner the target of assaults, the nag was waved continuously as 
■ though it indorsed every act .committed by those self styled Amer- 
icans. -« 

This id a clear case for the Department of Justice to take ac- 
tion. The flag has been' desecrated, yes more so than when a man 
refuses tiAise or uncover when the flag is; being raised to its mast, 

■Who U HeipontibU? Those who made up the immediate 
mob are not wholly to blame for the occurance at Flat River. It is 
the natural characteristic of a mob to go to extreme unless checked 
by the strong arm of the law. But the trouble with this country is 
that those having the enforce! Dg of the law in their charge have 
been too lax, because most of the acts of the mob violence have 
been imposed upon the colored people. The foreigner and the 
white$ have all joined in mobs to kill, butcher and -assault poor in- 
nocent colored people, and the officers have stood by and winked. 

As we have said in these columns before, they have been sow- 
ing the wind and of course, they must reap the whirl-wind. 

The acts of the mob styling themselves as. "Alt American*" 
with a spirit to drive from honest toil all .foreigners, sounds the 
alarm. It is time to wake up. It shows how grave the situation is. 

The American flag is an emblem of protection and justice. We 
wonder what those foreigners think who, under the waving of the 
stars ahd stripes, were driven from their jobs and 'from their 
homes.- They had the right Kj think that the flag was for their 
protection; .but we suppose they have changed their mind now. 
They have seen the lie "written'upon its face by a rnob. 

,We have been taught that the United State* Government backed 
up the flag, and if any one insulted it, tore .or desecrated it, all 
powers of the Government would be invoked to punish the guilty 
ones. But so far as we have heard, no efforta are being made to 
punish those responsible for heading a mob with an American flag, 

THEN. A. A..C, P. 

The local branch of the National Association for the Advance- 
ment of Colored People has proven its worth to the. community 
again by having an organization in tact that could step in at the 
right time and render the moat valuable serrieeto the community. 
This fact was demonstrated very clearly recently during the race- 
riot at East St. Louis in which many colored people were assaulted. 
killed and their homes burned. As soon as word -way received con- 
cerning the outbreak and the impending danger of further slaught- 
er, the officers of the Association called a meeting, which was 
augmented by-a popular response from the citizens, and immediate 
steps were taken to render assistance to the stricken and unfortu- 
nate victims of the Bast St. Louis ragb. 

We had no other organization that could' do the work. No 
member of thecolored race were" members of the Red Cross Unit 
of this city, so the logical organization was the-N. A. A. C. P. 

This work now has been undertaken and already has done the 
most satisfactory work. But the real task is still before it. The 
local branch musdeo-operate with the National Association in seeing 
that every colered person, who was a victim of the mob, enter in 
loosing life or property, or receiving personal injuries- shall have 
their claims against the city of East St. Louis properly presented 
and prosecuted. Two thousand murderers who took part is this 
massacre are at large, manjr of whom have fled to unknown parts. 
Others still are on the scene daily looking at the very spot where 
they killed a, poor helpless Negro wbohad never wronged hiaaa- 
.saiianta in any way. They are depending upon public sentiment 
outweighing justice and allowing them to go unpunished- 1 Already 
it seems certain that all the blame will belaid at the door of the 
Negroes. Everybody knows that is'-wrong. We ace reliably in- 
formed that large sums of money is being spent in an' effort to 
fasten the responsibility on the Negro that .the city may dodge the 
enderanity. We ahouid fed this situation keenly. We need vans' 
much at ttvis time a United "effort. 

The National headquarters -has asked Ihejeeal branch to raise 
. two thousand dollars. This, is a small amount. ■ Let all the small 
units that arw raising any amount for this work give their report 
through the local Brarwh of the N. A. A. G £. Help swell the fund 
v* nat we give m this wny will be duly sccounted for through the 
National organ. Thm Crista; but if every small unit takes its little 
amount and distributes it here and there, the colored people of St 
Louis will be behind in their part of the work. 

Let us all get behind that well organized, well greased and 
well prepared piece of machinery, and work together, for one e. that 
we . may loose none of our energy and concentrate our entire 
strength. ; . .* 

,„'.„ T1 i? be * uti * ul ^bute. paid .u> th* life and character of the late 
Willis Barnett by Dr> Jfohn A. Rice. Pastor of St. Johns Methodist 
Episcopal Church, of this city last Wednesday, bore some very im- 
portaftt points. It is proper, to state here that St. John's Church is 
one of the wealthiest, and ia located in the moat fashionable- sec- 
tions in the- city.. After telling; of the deceased's sterling manhood 
(arte of character, and personal charm, Dr. Rice/ gave the key to 
the successful life of ■'Willis" by saying he was one of the most re- 
liable' men he had ever bad dealings with. *;Hecould be absolutely 
trusted to do what be said. fl* never made excuses. His work 
tntiousty done." 

Tsssaost itgmncnnt points in this discourse waa, that Mr Bar- 
nett was thoroughly reliable, always dependable! studied hia sur- 
roundings and' made the best' of his opportunities. He held one 
position nearly forty years, and be dignified that service 

He has set the nan, may others follow bis footsteps. 

EVeryOne who heard the exesllc 
Sermon delivered; by Rev. Wiiluus* 
Corinthian Baptist Church, Jaat San ill 
waa great Iv benefited. Hi". topic w: 
"The Savior of the world.." &■»; 
one- ia invited to attend, our Liter it 
Club Mr-fiint'", the first Thursday night 
In each month. Rev. W. If, And 
aon, paator. 


Dr. Steven* trill nil the pulpit both 
moi run g and evening, .Sunday July 
22nd. In the morning, the .paator will 
preach on the subject, "Plenty In the 
time of famine:" in the evening. 
"The Mighty Touch." Every loyal 
member in expected to be on time. The 
special rally-iR Mill on and will be con- 
tinued through the last Bandar in 
July. The Pariah will observ* B<i!y 
Communion. Sunday (fternoon. Every 
member is urged to keep in mind the 
annual Sunday aehool pi rnie.. which "ill 
be held at OTallon .Park. WedneailaT 
July £.1. There will be baptizing at 
Central Sunday night. 

Rev. Ellin A. Chrittian. reetof nf 
the Church of the Redeemer, Okln- 
hnm« City, Oklahoma, preached a «tir- 
ring lennon lait Runday morning. It 
waa very favorably commented on by 
many of .those present. He alio con- 
ducted even lag prayer Wedneedny 

Thia Sunday at 11 a. m. BevyC. E. 
Arthur "ill preach. He made a" "fe- 
cial requeue lant Sunday 9 that all mom 
ber» of the pari»h be present, a* he 
wiahed to deliver a apecial me»«.-i .:■■ 
to them. 

The district viiitbra are working 
hard for the lueeeas of their garden 
partv at the residence of Mr. ind Mr- 
»". H. King, 4034 West Belle PTa 
ncit Thnmday night. ' > 

The Metropolitan ^Chnreh waa filled 
to overflowing Sunday morning, with 
its nnal roaord breaking crowd, fin 
these hot summer months. 

The paator Dr. I). 0. Shaw preached. 
Hia text for the morning sermon Waa 
"The Hi. Cities of Refuge," at which 
time we had three souls 'to come Into 
the ehorrAW At night onr final 
secretary. Dr. Martin, spoke. We bad 
two conversions at the altar with 11 
other persons to join. 

The Hundiiv Hhool ia doing nicely. 

The V. C. E. Society" is doing nicely 
and ha* on a Campaign for bringing in 
young men and women into active scrv- 
ice ia the church. 

Everyone ia welcome to come anc! 
be with us, who wish, to follow th< 
lead of the Bleaaed Master. 

New and Used Furniture 


Secine. . B-4-U bay ekewhere 

im Uwtra Ave. ~ St Lnu Mt. 

S'.'. PAUL A. M E. CTtTJRca 
si i'niil rnsvfr bputed, of a largor 
ttendance than now. ' Sunday waa a 
•cord breaker. Dr. Johnson 'a 
onrw" on the "Jews' Exile" which 
'aa in keeping with the present rriau, 
nd to aay it waa ' handled in 
lasterly way ia bnt expressing il 
mild form. He 1* certainly a mat 
lethoda. His sermon including reesp- 
ion of mem hers and collect ion 
accomplished in^ a very abort time, 
laid special -stress, on the songs that 
.-"■v./- from the heart and told of the 
wondorfnl remits therefrom. • 

■ A anecial imitation -fa' extended all 
Jay' Sunday and ; eapeeially Bnaday 
morning at Sunday school aa the psator 
will derirer a special .meanage to 
membrre of the Allen Bible Class 
men expected to be present at H:30 
A. M. Will you be one* Stranger 
waya weleama. 

After two.strenDOns weeaa, wiirking 
both night and day l£ allfviate the 
anfferiois of the 'victims of the rreent 
riot. Tit. Peek entered, hia pulpit Son- 
day morning full of earnestness ud 
t de chararterisri" of 
and rrreached in inspiring srrnum 
from ,1st King* 19 Chanter,- IS<h <r. 
And after the earthonaJre a .lire: but 
e Lord sras not in the Are and nftar 
the fire a still small voice.',' Thfiae: 
Rape Phases of Divine Providcn-e." 
He -stfikingbr Compared tbe r '^njdn' 
tiotf of today to that which exist rj 4n 
ha days of Elijah. God waa not in 
te iform of shot an* bludgeon with 
Rich onr people were en eraelry tlais, 
lid Jhe apeakrr, nor in the Are whieb 
i ruthleasIy'con«imed thJirJ>odies bnt 
after "the -storm of men's .nas>lom* 
shall, have paaaad, will come, the-atul 
small yoie* of Jsana, leading ourpao- 
Into a larger and more complete 

A*— the close of thia wonderful ,d!s- 
nr»a,' so deep was " the imprcatos 
ide. when the pastor extend*.! the 
invitation, five responded to' the; esD 
and iimtvd with the rhurch. Rev. P. 
Emory preached a forceful, practical 
wrnioa Snndav evening. Thfeeoiiltaat 
■Jib the church nuking a total of .'ijht 
ireeeaioaa dnriag the day. 

The rlertrie fstis have. been ■■"■- lied 
and the immeasa eroagregation ntsr- 
sbiped in solid 'comfort 
Worship at St. James. Yds will M» 
ive a hearty 



IT-.e. stteedanee is incr easi ng 
« tta reunrS of the paat> 
Smith. A targe and ienee witness.. ■ the 
great aad p o werf u l arxsoa ;;<■ ■ -bed 
by turn it'll a'ckMk last Bsadar. A 
telegram briags to na the aews that 
Bwhop M. F. Jamison will be SSflJ as 
aad p itaab at II a. a. next Sr.rosvy. 
Let avery member be p ta aaa t, Vi.itaCT 
alwsys wrleaaw. 

. The Svnday. ■ebsol foreAa are hesy 
perenariag far ih" picnic at O FiUem 
Pub, gnsna >'a. 1, Tharadar. JnJy 
Mtk. Pibit. bartits^. 

By Mrs. OotUDS ' 

We cannot help praising onr Sabbath, 
since -it baa been succeeding the last 
inonth, both in attendance . and ' in 
finance. Sunday morning paator Perry 
preached to the delight -of tbs whole 
congregation. Hia subject waa 
"Love." At 7 o'clock, the B. T. P. 
IT. held their election of o.ffieer*. The 
officers were aa follows: Mr. A. Cook, 
preaidenti Miae Virgic Gray, viaa-preai- 
dent, Mr. Ceo. Tanking, secretary, Miss 
Maggie 'Edwards, treasurer; Men. M. 
Tankins - orgitnist. At R:30 o 'clock, 
Rev. Washington, a member of the 
Com pt on Hill Baptist Chureb, preached 
for ua An invitation for membership 
waa extended, and Mra. L. Wilder came 
forward, and waa re-inatated. Our 
membership ia gradually increasing. 
The TOnng People's Literary Society 
had s debate Tuesday night, lubject, 
"Which la' the Moat Benefit to the 
USitsd! States, the. Cow or the- Home?" 
The affirmative (for -the cow) making 
more points than the negntivsi (for the 
horse) won in the. debate. The sub- 
ject -for debate next week is,' "Who 
has the moat right to complain, the 
Negro ior. the Indian!" Cornd and 
hear the debate. There will bo Service 
each night next week, beginning Mon- 
day night Jnh/ 23rd. Don't fail to 
come, as. a very interesting' program 
baa been arranged for each night. Mrs. 
Ora (Lrern ia out of the city, yisittnf' 
her aunt, and will be gone' several 
week*. Mr. Win. Gates ia much bet-' 
ter. Mr. and Mra. Archie Tankins. Sr.. 
entertained paator Perry Sunday after 

I rally day. Each 
urged to bring or tend hia share. Bay. 
Maxwell arrived last. Sunday morning 
from Indianapolis, Ind., 'where ha at- 
tended the StausI). T. P. U. Con- 
vention. He reported a pleasant boat 
Mas trip. ' Though .tired and rest 
broken, be delivered an excellent ser- 
mon. All an invited to worship with 


The members of Providence Bap- 
tist Church ate glad to report the rap- 
id progress of all departments of the 
enures. The Sunday school, under the 
leadership of Supt. Jackson, ia doing 
nicely; alao the B. Y. P. v., under the 
management of Capt. T. M. Bodgara. 
The Miaaion Circle meets every third 
Snnday at 9:00 p. m. Sisters Lueretia 
Canningham and Bailie Woodson " bare 
charge bf thia work. The sewing 
Circle ia a new organization of whiclh 
Sister El iiejjeth Hall ia president. 
The meeting* are held even Tim 
at 3:00. The Willing Worker's 
is a well established organixai 
Slater Birdie Austin is preaident. The 
New Membership Club' is destined to 
create a great deal of interest in tin 
;■ Villa" this week. Si*ter Luln San' 
ders, president. Our pastor ia giving 
special instructions to the teachera of 
the Snnday school end lovers of the 
Bible, at tlje church every Friday eve- 
ning. The public la invited. 


Quite an entbuslaatic meeting was 
held at Union Memorial Church last 
Monday night. Mra. Pelham. and Mias 
Queen of Washington D. C. were pres- 
ent to tjring'greetinga'from theirhom* 
ly to eo-wo'rkern :here, .expressing 
their sympathy and bearing gifts for 
tis unfortunate of the Negro race that 
were victim* of the recent nee riot at 
E St..Loois. The visitors, with all I he 
earnestness of their souls told how ths 
people in the east felt as a result of 
The Jittle- Parker children havel* 1 * mob ' and- said that one thonaand 
been'very sick, but are mdeb better dollars bad been pledged from their dty 
at present. Miaa Etftel Brown enter- to help in the cause. 

that yon ahotlid. Do not say that yon 
would like to speak Spanish, Frms, 
Italian, Greek or any other language 
and never try to learn thorn. That dosa 
no good. Do not wait to seo what Job 
wiahes to do. Learn- what yon wish', 
and let John do to suit himself. If 
John does, not want to do anything, 
then he -'earni nothing. 

Now' if. you wpnt to 'learn -the Ger- 
man language, I will guarantee, that 
yon can learn ft with my instructions. 

rained little Otis Ejtwarda and Lin* 
Collina Snnday aftrrnbon. Bead the 
Argua, so you will know when El 
Bethel Sunday e<ehool B wil] have the 
picnic. Bev. Perry paator, Mrs. S 
TanKins secretary. 


The Union met with the North 
G*Ji?ee Baptiat ' Church. z314 North 
LeSngwell Ave. Bev. O. W. Hall, 
tor. The 'praise and prayer meeting 
was indeed inspiring. The ' scripture 
leaaon waa read try Bev. VV. W, 'I'errv. 
1 Chronicles, 36:1-1Z veraea. Sermon 
by Rev. .Clemm'on*.. 'Text found Pa. 
&. He explained so beautifully the 
Theme,- The. weak, he will guide, in 
judgment: The speaker brougbt out 
many interesting points, on the guid 
ante of the Holy -Spirit; after wGich 
we sang, "I will guide Thee.'* . A' few 
remark* by the president. On* person 
united with the. etinreh. The meeting 
was indeed good. Our next meeting 
will be with Bethel Baptist Church 
-8131 Pine St., Rev. B. Robinson, pastor. 
Rev.. Marks will deliver the sermon. 
Coma l»t as make this an interesting 
meeting. The Union it striving to 
effect a strong organization of love and 
anity among- the Baptists of. St. LonJa 
Rev. U.'W. Hall, president. Bey. L. E 
Uotton secretary. 


seven cmracH baptist 
The taeniber*-of the Woman's Anx- 
illary to the Seven Church . Baptlsr 
Union spent a pleasant day at. Pilgrims 
Baptist Church, Xvwstend' and Cote 
Brilliant*' AveJ, Sunday. The meeting 
araa opened with acripture reading.Jby 
Aiater Buford,' Chaplain. .After a few 
-temarka by the president, an interesting 
paper was read by Sister CaJUe Aas- 
tia of Magdalene Baptist Uhsre.b. We 
listened to a .very' inatruetiv* sernion 
by Bev'. Aadfraoa, of Baden Baptist 
Church, This organisation i* doing; a 
good work, success la sure. W* arr 
calling for more yolunteer*,. women with 
high ideals and ideas, who are wining 
to work for Hod's cause. Thai ant 
auetJag will bu held at .0X3 Beantaonrt 
St., Lucas Washington Mission, Bev. 
J. J. Johnson, pastor. Aa in It resting 
program will b* rendered. AH are in 
vite d. . A donation of HM was given 
to one of the East St. Louis' sufferers. 
CalWtion *'.i.V. R-<v :;r-, :V. ,:').■•■:.■ 

ana, onr atatistteias, is spending hit 
in - Georgia. Mra. A- Hall. 
; Mrs. !<-■' Corker. SerreUry 

■ ■ By a at T. ' - 

July tt. wilt be a katey aay 
at first Baptiat Church, as it ia our 

Other speaks ra were Rev. Peck, Bev; 
Stevena and Director of Public Welfare 
of this city, Hon. John Scbmdll who waa 
introduced -as "the neat Mayor- of 
St. Louia." Mr. Schmoll told of the 
work of the city' official* and ths Bad 
Cross in caring for those . who sought 
shelter from the 1-t. St. Louis mobs. 
The meeting was' presided over by Dr. 


- Prof. I. Baker,, the great instructor 
of the German. .language has'removad 
hit office^ from 13a S. Ewing Ave., to 
2800 Wash St. . * .' 

I wish to st.i-e'.thnt those who have 
received ' in struct ions under me are 
proud of their knowledge of the Ger- 
man language. There never wn* a better 
time when- the nrgro race should seok.t* 
acquire other languages, than now. 

Borne may. ask whyT at y- answer to 
thia ia, ths tigna of the time auggcat 

I want to say to. all w*U 
Colored people, members of. the race in 
whoa I hay* been interested for thirty- 
aeven year*; every dollar that yon take 
to a white man,, whan than ia asms 
Colored man in the same business 
ahouid remind yon of the .'■.- ;t St. 
Lonia riot. Yon ahonld aak ■.-.-. -irself - 
if yen are not sharpening another 
■word to est off your own hand. I ap- 
peal not to the uncultured but ths adu- 
fi'ted Negroes, those whom we have 
placed In' frost aa leaders. 

W* has* shoot reached the crisis 
Oar humiliated career. It ia now 
time to bury all malice, envy and evil . 
thought* against each, other and band 
together for our mutual protection. 
"Can yon show me whsr* a dollar spent 
with a white man must circulate your 
way! He does not .have to coma to 
your saloon, buy your groceries, eat in 
your restaurants, .patronise your under- 
taken or professional 'men. He visit* 
your church** only when he la running 
for 'office and won]d not ride with you 
on "the "street car if ho could help him-. 
self. Yes, we an' aa far from each 
other aa the north pole hi from ti> 
south. It it time to get together. Mar* 
than a half century of Bitter experi- . 
cores are sufficient to opes Onr' eye* 
forevsr. ... 

After all, I want tg thank my many 
patrons for $L\r.0O worth of cuh and 
installment buainsB for the month of 
Johe. Any one in the market for a 
piano or talking machine, I will glad- 
ly tabs c a re -of and give term.* aeeo r d - 
Ing . to their alrenmstaasaa- -Phono 
Bomont I7M-W. Chat. H. WatUsa. 

2905 Laded* Av*. 

thi st. lomt ajxoos 



Mr. Or! Tntt >■ visiting hi* broth- 
er, Mr. H. r. Martio, at Bednlla, Mo. 

Ponf. V. H. Collin of **Ac*oa City, 
while en route to Detroit, Mich., wan 
tho g»Nt of Mr. and Mr*. Chas K~wi, 
nody,. MM Want Bell*. ' 

Th* stork visited ..Mr. tod Mr*. C. 
T. Temple, 3051 Mad.wn, leaving a 
baby b«j. 

Mrs, B«m1o Moore. 3003 Law too, 
who b*t been ■aJferiae; Iron rheuma- 
tism, i* convalescing. 

I The Fran Frnu Club, outing look 
plaw Thursday afternoon, 'July 10, in 
Forest Park. 

Hi*. K. Carter end *on, who irew 
siding at Alton, 111., arc expecting to 
make their, home at Peoria, ItL. in 

the future. 

Mr. and Mr-. Fraaer with to an- 
nouneo that they will bo at home to 
their friend, at 181& Ooode Ave., aft- 
er July £5. 

Mr. and Mr,... Willi* and daughter, 
Mm Louis,. Breckeuridgc, of 3308 
Franklin Ave., have moved to SllSn 
Morgan si . ■ 

The Mi**** Lee ef Button, gamtt.-ot 
the Uiaae* Oouin of We it Belle PL, 
are the recipient* . of much social at- 
tcutlnrr from our young society folk*. 

Mi. R. W. Buck and sister. Mian Mil- 
dred have jut returned from an ex- 
tended trip through the east . Among 
tho place* -vUited were: Niagara Fall*, 
Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland" and Toledo. 
They exprnaaed themselves a* having 
enjoyed the trip: ' 

Mrs. Horace W. 'B. Slaughter aad 
little daughter, Laura Wlnnifsad, are 
(pending the summer with relatives in 
Detroit, Michigan., 

Mr. I j.wrenco Hawkins, 4330 
Lucky, will depart for a brief Tint 
to Hannibal, Mo. Mr*, Hawkins will 
dqoert Tharaday for » visit to point* 

in Mississippi. 

Mita Liaena V. 
Market, la tpendfn. 

Abilene, Kanaa*. 

Street, 4301 }f. 

the goeat of her 


of hi* litter, 

Iu*an, of Denver, Colo., 

in business, ia the gne*t 
Mr*. Alice Bunan, 4304 

Mia* An 
City,. Tan 

city, while 

ina MeMakin, of Union 

, wa* the fV" i.f her sii- 

Paolinc McMakin, of thia 

uto tnj'Bt. Band, Minn 

Mr. , and Mr*, ily. Heott, of 3133 
Mnmice Place; Mia* Beulah' Can 
312» Marniee PL, epent Sunday .ai 
gueata at Mr. and Mr*. Edwards 
Mraeham Park. 

Mr*. Carrie Shelton, No. • Wash 
ington Terrner, left Wednesday, July 
18, for New York City and Newport, 
B. L', to spend her vacation; . 

Mr*. Virginia Allen, of 3033 • Law 
too Ave., will leave Monday, July S3, 
for Hannibal, Mo., to visit friei 

Mr*. IXp. wtlketaon of 919 K Ewing 
Ave., 1* vlaiting relative* and friend* 
at PiUaborgk, Pa., and New York, 

N. Y. * --' - ■ ' vf* 

MJi* Julia. Dnvii departed 
week far an. estended trip to 
York City and other eastern point*. 
She will be the gneat . of relat 
Mr. apd Mra, Lneky Roberta. 

Mra. hi W. Lcwb and *on, of 24061 
Pendleton Ave., are spending 
catiofl at Memphis, Tenn., and Green 

ville. Mi**., a* 'the gnosis of rein 

Mra R Hill, of No. 8. 8th I 
East St. Louis, 111., bai moved 
XtlTa Morgan St., where ahe -ill 
pteaaad ta bar* her frie*Kl* call. 

riertiag rein 
Zaaaaa City 

Mr. aad Mra .«. 8. Allen, formerly 
of this city, now residing in Washing- 
ton, are the Majj parent* of a tiur 
baby boy.- Mather and son are do- 
' iag nicely.' 

Mra. Clarence Moas, IDS B. Chan 
aing, is visiting her mother in law 
who ia ill, in Nashville. 

Rev. U P. Duhe, 32 S. Leonard, t* 
Buffering from blood- p-iisoomg la kia 
rigkt hand, " from a slight 
Bail wound. 

Mra J. Howell, of 100 S- Ewing 
Av, Who has been visiting relatives 
and friends at Colon bis. Mo., ha* re- 

Tke White BnaaiAii Club irill give 
their first . annual- picnic at OTaJlon 
Park, Monday, July .30, en grenade 
■bast aa*| 3. M a . lf will M tnnnkfi 
by -the Great Western Band All are 

Mr K. R ehoakarri^f WT 8. Garri- 
ihr aiek lilt, havlhg 

The diltriet visitor* of tho All 
Saints Parish will give a "Garden 
Party" at tho re*idence of Mr. and 
Mr.. It. H. .King, 4034 Welt, Belle, 
Thursday evening, July Bfl. ■ ■ ■ 

Mrs. Lottie Phillips-James and Mr*. 
Lucy Phil lips Stewart "are visitutg 
their father, Bishop 1'billipri in Nash 
v ; II.'. Dr. C. H. Phillip*, Jr.; has gone 
to St- Paul and northern resort* to 
join his wife and will return the lat: 
tor part of neat week. 

Attorney Geo. H. v7ood*on, of Bux- 
ton, 'Iowa, transacted . leg*] business 
In St. Loui* thi* week and wa* the 
gneat ol Honier G. Phillip*. 

Attorney Dan Bowies v will .ba host 
to the Ten Ten Club thi* Saturday 
evening, July 21, nt the residence of 
Mr. and Mr*. St. Elmo Wllliama, 4211 
West Belle. A few iovited gueata 
will be preaent. .'.* 

Mrs, Mamie I. 'Graves Conner, of 
Covert. Mich., I* viatting relatives and 
friends In thia city.". She is-tbebouse 
guest of b<-r mother, Mra. Julia Jack- 
son, Hfl.W Rfvervieaf Drive. 


Geo. Elli* ..: ..S«>4 Miil* 

Clara Mason .3014 Morgan 

Wa Stevenson........ 1302 Vi _ . Pine 

Dulah T. Hft!l]Dg*worth...2a2B v 

Willitim Smith S£41a St. Charle* 

Leota Boblaaon .Carbohdala, 

George Nickoni ...._.",. .Decatur, 

Noroiii LeV..; D«Mtur, 111. 

Jus. Fonlkner iTOS.S. ISth 

Donie Wilkin* 708 S. lBtk 

Will White .6610 & Brokdway 

Dorca* Fennel 
Jane* Towaaond . 
Cornetta " Love ,-. 
Grwin Harvey . . 
Mi.. Susie Ford. 
Saninel C. Qoger 
Lula Sullivan . . . 
George T. Turner 

Both Perrin 

Jason Graves 

Lonvenia. F. Philli 
Albert Gentry ... 
Marrie McCoy' .: 
Willie F. Da vis 

Millie Boa* 

Willie J. Fuller . 
Mat tie Landanrrl 

.102! H. High 

1S0T L 

iMT, L 

..4039 W. Belle 

.\.mt Finney 
..'....321* Pitta 

..Windsor, Mo. 

.1420 'Singleton 
.'...^414 PapfB 
.1128 Brooklyn 

.1128 Brooklyn 

.Crystal City, Ms. 

Berd May'*olomon,,Crjata i l City, Mo. 
harry It Cagi 

Haiel MVgnca* 2713 I.nwton 

George Stovall .....123 9. 14th 

Elnora Daniel* 123 S. lata 

Neville McCombe* i . .J. 262« I .a i. ton 

Madge L. WUaoh . . .' 2B2S Lasrtc-a 

John A. McNahb 273^ Lueai 

Mra S. G. Johnson . Valles Mine*. Mo. 

Henry Johnson 1432 W-. 

Mrs. Annie Singleton ..Memphis, Tcnn. 

Andrew Walker i 13027 LeSallr 

Mra Daisy Hngina 3027 Lai 


George Curtiii Makeville. 

Cora Miller M.keville, 

The Carnation Embroidery Oub wa* 
entertained at tho residence of Mrs. 
A. Wood*,' 2835 Morgan St!, .Friday 
July 13. Aftet- attending. to all lu-.i- 
delicious luncheon was served 

N'ellle A. pwen 
arid Mis* Miuidrlle Cm. The next 
.meeting will be held at the residance 
of Mrs. J.. E. Strapp, 343£a Laelede 
Ave., July 27. Mr. A. Rauaomr, Pretf- 
dent; Mrs. 1^ L. Lambert, Secretary; 
Mis* V. M. Andresr*, Reporter.- 

bv ^he hostCBs. 
aieedame* Ratlin To 

A party of famed nimrod* made 
motor trip' to Kiiig'* Lake, Ofai*, 
Mo., the pait week and brought back 
many'Hisli, atorie* and' all. The per 
■onel' con*ialed of Doctor* Chan. £ 
Herriot, W. H. Tyler, J. B. Bell, K 
A. Street and Messrs, C. J, 'Gate*, 
Tom Browji and Archie N'elson. - 

A. E. Malone. of Poro— College, pur 
ehaaed 190 feet of vafant ground- ir 
the 430e bjosk an -Cote Brilliant* Ave- 
nue and Anthony Stnet. 3B5» fCorik 
Avenue, but week.' Mr Melon 
tsntght for iayeetment and Mr. B»ree4 
for a home. Hntnhins Inge handled 

Mrs. Georgia Lyle, of Philadelphia 
ia the guest of her parents, Mr. 
Mra Albert Hedgunan, 2844 
Looia Avenue. -Mra rtedjtemaa ia nt 
pment attending, the Qraad Chap- 
ter,. Order of Eaatern Star, ia Lin- 
coln, Nebraska. 

The, West .'End Junior Tennis Club 
is making good use of the Municipal 
Tennis Court on M Ferdinand Avr^, 
aad are Having double and tingle 
games, every day from 11 to 4, Mias 
J. B- Davia, p'renideat*. Mr*. Mir 
gnret Me In iv re. \Secret*ry and Re 


iw. of th. 

Mr*. Mmm w *de, 
late Solomon .Wade, is residing with 
Mrs. J. Floyd. £531 Belle Oladr ' A ve'.. 
Bad will l>r pleaaed to receive her 

Mr. and Mrs. San Flowers of Kaa 
saa City, Kansas* were the gneati of 
ive.. Mr and Mra. *a Mifh-i! 
K» Pine Si., a few days ago. Mr. 
aad Mrs. Flower* departed Wednesday 
July 18, for' Birminghaia, AI*.. where 
they will be the gne*t* of relatives and 

A brilliant function of th* past 
been coataed to h» roe- far the past week «-«. the Weep*™ given Sund.v 
"***■ from 8,"to Haatr It** Vav*t.,h 

„,^ - m r~~ ina*«, 4011' Cook Av*„ /is iooftr of 

.mm V»ri. Wfcrttlan of 4J33. W«t !«£, Co.. of Jack^v Mim The girl. 
' *■**!. ^ l *?** Maatatati ■„ tlie „^i™,, «„%„ Mi*.' Oreen. 

National Park, Colorado 

Catena**, ill .' at* 

■■lsitiag- their graadsBotk^r, Mr*. Jalia 
Shlntoa, «JM Laeky St ' - 

*r.W,VWH».''"»*"lM.M n ., spent 
a fair any* at the gassM ef his brother 
aad.******. Mr and Mra. Cla*d. Tmag 

In Jordan. 1S33 Pnia «., 

ar. th. nssB*4 parsarta W a Urn aaky Hiuthea.'" Th. 

girl. Unehasr an*. 

l.-e af Jtoston, and M 

if OaicngO. i TVe eii 

of pdik uil gr«a>n was r 

rii-d- ■■■(■! with .pnn; t at faa anat and 
panga* ferns. 

TW OricanM Art Clab nset at tha 
reeidenee- of htra. B. Allison. 42«3 W. 
GarBeld Ave., with a Urge anmbm ef 
neniber* pfaaeat. After the *«jpi!ar 
hoar of *or* and taunt— thi 'hewtaa* 
served aaetaboraa* tnraeoarm luach 
-o*. Tk* vtattar* a r ai aa t mare: 
MeadanaeaS. Ban*. C. Cotraer, J. Tay- 
lor. M. Beid. K Daode**. f Alanntt- 
«er. 1. ssrynada and A WllheraH. 
Mra. Vp« Hunt, tseeretarv: Vm> 1. 

wtfi b* held nt the rn*s4eac* of Mra. 
Caldwell. )]J3a LawM Ave 

TKc Amereian Beauty Art Club mat 
at tho residence of Mrs. if. fiimmona, 
4302 W, Market St., Thursday July -8, 
with nil member* present. All war* 
glad to weleomeT^Mr*. G. Weather*, 
who joined , on /recently. After trnn*- 
*eting~ regular bunuee* the ' hostclf 
■erved a ' delightful . tua'heoo, after 
which the memben viiited the Mm. in 
pal Building and helped the euffe rent 
of Kust St. Lonia, HI., which wa* high- 
ly appreciated by them. Tha.neit meet- 
ing will btr held at the roaidence of 
aft*. Washington, 4313 Cote Brilliante 
Ave. Mm. J. H. Brown, President: 
Mr*. V. LittleBeld, Secretary; Mr*. E. 
Crawford; Beporter, ■ 


Mrs. Cyreaa C. Trent of BTm 
Mo, was the guest of Mme. .Eveij 
Horton, a. few day* ago. 

-Mrs. .Taos. E. Johnaon, of 4MW 
Oats* Brillinntsi Avenue, entertained a 
few friend" at hrr brautirtsl homr, 
with n dinner party. The afterni 
wa* sranat in playlnf whiat, of »-,i 
Mra. C3areaee Vsaghn won ir*t prie*, 
and 4fi*s Ddell ll.rtn. aeeond. Thi 
gue*ts were oaheted into the itinin) 
room, which- was beautifully decorate, 
with cut flowers. A basket' of rosebud 
was the center of attratltion. whih 
lue gneat* were enjoying the- IVJ*M 
of three eourae*. .' 

The iadic* present were: Mesdamr- 
M.'Tinslev, C. Vaughn. Crad dock. 1! 
Smith, Con'tejean, M. Talhoun. M 
Morrow, Orevcrv. 'M. A. Barnes, HjiI 
hater. U. Brooner. V. Willis, S. W 
Mctiiani*. W. P.' Lewis, B. H. Black 
J. Shepherd, B. Kheinhard aud Wat 
A. Hirria ■ * 


John Joseph Mischeauv, 4210 Cote 

Brillinnta.. .■ i 

Florente Berbaa, 3500 Lawtan 22 

Martha Kimball. 4005'Wr*t Belle. .30 

Lawrence Thomas, 3310 Lawton 38 

Frank .HaU, Sill Benedick TB 

Jannle Taylor, 1311 Olive 3B 

Inft. Dodd, 3323 Hickory 

Merlin Digfji, *J32 Oarfleld' 1 

Willi* Burnett Washington Blvd. 4 

. Kingshlghway ......;. J nfj' 

Leon Luchett, 192« Ooode. .■:..-, ,'.11 

iiann* Pott*. 4350 Cottage ,.2fl 

Andrew' Jaekaon,' 4234 Ken'nrrly. ..07 
J. W. Edward*, 3107 Pino ,..,"... .38 
Ernest Hoggett, 2202 Randolph.. 8 mo, 

Edward Cook, I» N. 13th «t 35 

Lurina Beard, 120 N. 13th .81 .'.In 

George Johnson. 4251 St. Ferdinand. S 
William William*, 2S30 Bernard ..48 

Emma Smith, 2H21 BeaH .,', 39 

Mattla Powell, 1S20 8. Garrison ...IB 

Anton Woods, Hridgeitpn, Mo 27 

Mirth* Fuqua, 2313. Chtatnut , 27' 

Fred Stewart, 3931 Finney. ...... .£8' 

James Williams. 2019 Wllh . . . .« mo. 

Ely Barbour, City Ho*pltnl 2fi 

Henry. Frieraon. 523 S. 22nd St.... -.50 

Scioto Dateh, 3133 LamLle II mo. 

Saney Phillip*, 2910 Lucn* 27 

William Long, B25 Brooklyn.-. eo 

Susie Crawford, 434(1 Fairfax 83 

Edward Hobin*ori, 1302 Guv. 38 

Elira Griffins, 7(H H. ISthSt.. .. . ,-.4B 

Mary Lindsay, 103 8. lflthiSt 28 

Elmer Chilton. 2104 Chestnut 21 

Phillip Marshall. 2010 Mills 31 

Venn Morris. 4103 Fairfax .'...14 

Lawrence Wood* 2734 Bernard 31 

Do ny Johnson. .1038 Clark .■ ",32 

Ed. Meal 2335 Randolph (U 

Baby Iliggina. Sfl29 Wash 


We desire to thank our many friends 
for the kinilnesa and sympathy shown 
during the illness and death of our be- 
loved father and. husband. Oeorj* 
llonabj Wright. Wo. especial Ir wish to 
thank Bar*. Venerable. Mavwell nnrl 
Stephens for their word* nf comfort 
mid convolution; the pillbenrem from 
West Tennessee University and sympa- 
thetic friends fur llr? many beautiful 
floral offeriiig*. 

Mr.. Cporce Wright and hiil.v. 

S ^_ 


for the kindness anil sympathy 
in the illness and denih of on 
wife and daughter, Mrs. F.mmi 
-ice, espeeiallv the Crand Coi 
Calanthe. Syracuse Court No. U 
TWin,l.le Club, rndcrtafcr'r Harri. 
his exj client services and the | 
for tt(i" beaut if ilI floral olferingi 

Harry Bnwaee, Cecil Willi 

Pttja % 


The Slaughter System 

';'■ FOR' i' 



System taught by mail or at College 

For further information,, write the 


Saint Louis, 



Y. M. C. A. 

The new drive. for 17,000 eaah for the 
building fund for the new Y. M: C. A. 
■has been bejrtin. Tho Board of Di- 
rectors and Onrnpalun . Committee aro 
hard at work pushing the work of col- 
lecting subscriptions with the hope 
of bringing' the cash payment* up tu 
$30,000 by Sept. -. the'dnle for the 
laying the eiirner i-tone. 

Work on thr excavation for the new 
structure [appearing rompletlou and it 
is papcetod that the work of Inyjng 
the foundation hhII. will begin next 

When tho scmei-loiic is laid, 
the documents will be pi 
the stone will l,e a roll of hos 
tabling the name* "f *M snbserihers 
who have paid up 1 hiir pledges in. full 
at that time. 

Team N"o. H repiiriei!. the first new 
name for the honor roll, dnrinjr (he 
Itrnsrut campaign, when Prof, J. W. 
Kva.ns paid up his pledge nf »1«0 in 


Guaranteed to make the Hair-vroar, 

try. arid bo convinced like other*. Crnta 
Hair Oil* have been registered in Unit- 
ed State* Paten t Office, and guaranteed 
under Pure Food and Drug; Law. 
Agents' wanted everywhere: 

St. Louis Ms. 


it Sir 

full Tlie 


>l hi. 


We with to eilend oitr sincer,' (h 
to on r many friends for the kindncs- 
and aympathv shown in the rccentill 
no* and "death of nur beloved 'II.:. 
McDonnld. who rleparted this lifi-Tues- 
d*y July 9, WIT. We rsneeiBjhf 
to thank I)r. Johnsnn for hi. word. 
of consolation, St. Taut choir for theii 
■ervice* and the friends 'for the bran 
tifnt flora] offerings. Mrs. Helen Mop 
ping*. Mother; Uesdames Julia Riif 
■p* and B. Hayjen, sisters. ■■ Lewi* -«, 
UrPonald, Buaband. 


Souvenir evening, . which takq 

place at .the Cascade Mtiidio. *M\ 

West Belle once, each' month, i* i 

trading much attention. W«dne*dn 

July 25, 'i» the appointed date f 

s' month. Ev'vry 1 fcuiy .will 

srded a osrful aonvenir. On *ai 

iir evening* the ^admission . if. '. 

its, 1'aociiig every Wednesday at 

■g. Ladies, ten cent* aad gititl 

n, 15 eenU. Kl^etric. faas ha 

in laitalled. liuod niusir. £ver 

We wirt 10 take thi* 

than* then frieada who *npf»rte,l 

in Ibi* productioa, -."th* Hawaiian 

BatterBy," With tha proceeds .we 

were able to f**t a'tmntfni Ive -iUil 

tar li ooleuni - on one of th* lowr* *< 

the Old Kolk'* Hoae and several 

pieces of carpet. We also' wash !•> 

thank Mr.' and Ilia. nUkwe fortheir 

liberal danaliini. Mr*. EL Hhughxer 

(iauLble. .if r. L. & WiUiams Bad Fyth 

Band f- r their Mreieaa -The 

Sotftji End J'Sal. hope, to be. able <.. 

sver the. other bare floor* before 

inter Mr*. A.~ IUiii* Onkcer. 


iiij.i,'.. 2-v:* 

Willis Barnett-Dies 

Faahbwafal* W**t End Church 
The funeral of Willi* Barnett' was 
held from Nt. John's Uethoditt Epi* ; 
copel Church, 'Kinjishighsvaj and Waah 
ItUtton Ave., Wednesday, ht. John A. 
Biee; the pastor officiated. 

Mr. Harnett, had served . a* \anit*nr 
for tho church' fur nearly forty year*. 
He had the confidence and reaper t of 
nil who knew him. He was well knuwn- 
in fraternal cirri™ of this city, being 
-Past Master of Onward Lodge So. 17 
aad_^. fr'.'<and A. M., ***0 l'a«t I'i" 
rVT"et" J I>epntv (Irami' Master uf the 
•am* ofder. , '" 

Upeaking of tKe life *ml character 
of 1h* defeased. Dr. ftiee said th*V 
while Mr. Barnett: wssiM in the Barnaa 
Hospital, he reerii>M as high as eighty 
bunches of sWn iJ* in one day, "This" 
■aid the minister '■ ii the. gfe*t'-st proof 
Out he had a" hnat of friends."' Dr. 
loH how -the hospitil- anthorilies 

drcd names on the -hnnor.roll and- the 
campaign workers will gi.vo their ape- 
clal efforts during the present ' drivn 
to make, thn roll of hnnor as long 
as. possible. 

Lillian Jeter Davis 
Great Elocutionist 

To Show at Wbeatley Gymnasium 

Next W*dne*day N Ig tit for the 

T. M. aad Y. W. 


eta llavls. o* Han J«M, 
Cal, i* lo be the star ■ttrae-tion nyit 
week, at the WheMiley Branch Qjm, 
where she Will give a- literary and 
dramatic rerital, under tbe.nn*pieeso( 
the Wheatley Branch Y. W. a A. and 
Ike Piae'Htrnct V H. C. *., Ifaaday 
»hi*t, Jnty » 

Mr*. Davis -sumes feoni (he HsnT Col 
lege, of Oratury, aiid- ha* was a high 
ranahttna. nn the Raette *a*wt as *n 
eliwnlionist and dratnalir render, and 
is *lso a skillful pianist. 1i'er"progr*m- 
for nc.l Monday night will be a rjti.e.l 
nnc. riimi-'-seil nfTuinical. literary, and 
dramatic selcftiuns. ■ - 

Mr*. A. E. Maloni. srai attended nah 
of Mrs'.' Davis- recital, r.-ecntly wnll 
nn-a mm of fali/„rnin.,h*v. Mrs, D*vi 
i* n lini«hed artist, and that she w* 
i**rmed with herw-mderfnl eihibi.lioi 
nf her elijcutlonnry powers. 

National Negro 
Business League 

To- Editors, Officer*, Life Member* 

ond M ben of The Halion*] Negrn 

Buainea* Leasaa, Member*, of Local 
Negro Business League*- and rt'rsou* 
Interested in the Work of the 'l-cnguni 
1 send herewith* the first fnnn*l an- 
nouncement of the » r range mrnts nhirh 
are liejag. made for the foithcoming : 
meeting of the National Negro Bu*|. * 
iie*s lawigue: We slinll ipprceial*' any 
•■flort you m»y put forth Ui inlertwt 
tin- business and pnifessinnnl men and 

i|aK and whntex'rr else you may be able 
to du t v It i|. make the ineelinf a 

| EUMrTTT J.JfVtrrr, Hceretara, 
Katinnal Negro It'usines* F..-:iEtiit, 
fuskeger Institute, As., i ... 

July 16; M17. r \.- 

. __ ■. * I* 

. The j'lcflstire Heason is en and tha 
yonng peepb. are Inking advantafa 
Of it. «.■."- Idrll Wntkins, of 9410 8. 
Hmndway rnIrrtaU*<i in honor of ntani 
I'anline Ijine, ol l>o rtola, Mo., ;«l 
Mi and Mrs. Nmilh, *f MS0 I.nwton 
Ave. 'Mis* Mattto MtKield i* spending 
the week in Oferland Park, the gu4*t 
■f Ml** Maltie' Willi*. Mr. Hv Car- " 
taW and Mis* I'aalin*' Kiehardnon war* ' 
the dinner twot* si Ms. and Mr*. H. 
White hut ttanawy. Mini 1'aail . 
•rnrta wa* homvss U a club of gi rl* 
with a lasra party htawsnan nigat. -Mia* 

Y. W: C. A. NOTES 

d-in K-rest Part, 
View- Place, (i n 
ice* .will he .held i 
, Wednesday tke L. 
'jorad i sue is! hour 
Every Wmlnrnlav 
iin's Hand will.giv 

Hid that ■ no' patient . who had bren 5 J?^* 

there, be thry white, or b[*rk.'w.s as ttW for "'"' 

popular M Willis Itarneit. "Hi* 

Mrongest virtties" said Or. Biee " wefr 

in his ability to ™i his work and kw|i 

hC* H)flath .sfcut. "Ons euutt nevsr-tell 

of what he Was tkiaking. 'bui he »■■! 

dom made a mistake. The leant I of 

hia power »m in the 'fart that he knew- 

himself welQ He knew what he eouM 

do, and never spent his time trying to' 

ran some on*"* else business. He was 

thornllgkly rclujble.' lie Vimld be de 

•ended .pen at, all times He did not 
HMh* Cardura." 

Praf. A- I. EpaWin. ett. John'* or 

•janiat, played fhopin's funeral March 

one of the svmphonies/.iniprotis 

ii(j:~ > funeral nurrh from 'an ■■!■■ 

■e, then coming back tji 'Beethoven. 

Mrs. Etasteia ***g- Ab«te Wiih Me »:..-<■ 

"■u, .Lover of My ConL ' 

Interment wa* -at ti'recowood t>*te- 

ry, with Maeonic hrravr*. W. C. Oar 

«, aadertahrr. had rharge nf the re- 

auintt. Maay beautiful and .eo*tly «.. 

ifferiajrs shrouded th* css«.|>. 

V. H. T. '*liib en 

coneerta, followed 


The . ten* 

»11 time*.- • . .. 
,'Red Crea* *esring i*. still going on. 
Mr** Catherine Eaton- has joined 
Ijie group of ftaiabow ' t"Jub leader*. 
The Y. W, C. A. I. , rn opi-ratiijr 
with' the Xativrnal fouoeil M Ih-fenae 
and tha Food Coneervation fVinimit- 
're for Begi*tjation . IJay. July 2S. 
IteJiwr- are "<iB»e-et - - 


Thero will he an lee nttatni festival 
ii the Christian rtpiritnsl f^nreh 2TI7 
Ijwton Ave., the fourth Friday eve* 
■ ■■■■■■ i ia July. All spiritual rongra^ti 
tiona | nre invited to be j.renent. A sil 
ver offering will be taken 'for tha 
beneil of the huilding fund. J. H. 
Weatherford; rhetor: M Owen*, sec 
retary. ■- ■ • 


Ms.!-' Oafa-rd Hair and Beanty tnat- 
■att, that 1* being di*ena**d tan world 

■•vcf. Treatia.nls e»„ h* ahtainel 
thmagh tk* ■ follnwing ag*5t*; Mra-Lil- 
has A,lbnatja, jm.Hiekwy St., Mrs 
HHol Caaycr, H&1._ Bwnar. Bu Mint 
M Cook AveA Phone 

Hdaa M.teiy 

friends Tanriay night in hnnor at bar 
linsband-'s sninyernuy. Mr. Motely 
■ran all ***&*., M.** Uayme T»ylo»bt' 
the house gucM sf her rider, Mra, O. 
II. Nance, or Capo Girardeau. Mn. A. 
II. ()f!ie,-r h-ft Monday Bight with tha 
II rand IHiapter Delegation f nr ^jnealn, 
Neb. Mi* will vi«t twsxr lietor* *o- 

Moonlight Excursion. 

' Wait for, the record breakers, every- 
body ia going on the popular moonlight- 
en-union given by thcT«inons "Academy 
Boy* and. <!jrf. ■■<.-.-,, evening, July 
311. 1!)17. on the beautiful steamer, 
llr-v Eaole. The boat will leave tha 
foot nf pliv* St. at ■ p. a*. Muslt by 
(tieil Western Hand; admission 15 

Tbe eommittm wiU make this eieav . 
■ion isie in be long n-nn-mber/d. i'om- 
toitter: Waher Carta*, Harry Johaanav 
Rnl^rt Aadrnion, .Frank Tennyson^ 
Paul Itobinso*. Ernest Moore, Walt** 
:-'■-•■.-■: ■■■'■■ John <■:'■•'. Heary Jokaaaa, 
~ i, Hnber%il Walter JUcndrrimn.iLe»«i 
... Harleji WaH'r? Richard' Dni- 
Edwin Ivory, NarveB.. 
i Alexander, Jj^wie- J 

. AIiwrihT. TKX.'Jnty I.1-.S. 'ill *at 
*rnt - ■-'■■■ .';. by the ACslin i hm- 
be-r of;, t'oanmcree. for a meeting in tho 
nrit fan week* .at Anettn '>( Tana 
Chamtj.-Kaf Coaisaarce •sHcials to ec»- 
sider fdans for keepiag negm 'labor ha 
the .feain , e*ne*;lai1y Teiaa.- Mwua- 
-. n.e,fTiieia | iaffoential with thaur 
have been aent tn varioos poinht 
i""i'ei:i- in an effi.ri'to atop the cxadna' 
North-' ■ 


cry state of 

aaauaf pienie ef Cpahna] Baptnsl 
h .will be. at fJTalla- Paii, 
~ 1 and 1. Wedneaday, Jnjhj 

Kg* « 

thjb st. touia xaatrs 

si. uouis 

Negro Business 


n««wgamM awig« 




Personal;' Business and Pro- 
fessional " Cards, Business 
Chances. For. Sale or Rent 
Houses, Stores, Flats, 5c, per 
line, minimum 15c. 

Help Wa'nted. Situations Want- 
ed, For Rent Rooms,, Rooms 
and Board, 5c per line; mini- 
mum 15c. 

Display A i 50c i*r man 
Special Rate' n 4- time Ads. 


Tare ohl. Pieket store, Imgtnom ud 

Lawton Ave*. Cut rate prions. TDd 
■tat* is ofton imitated, bat urn 

ii. Caai-cDira- 
ei ^iil^Ip. Xic^ 

,i sua iju*»ii.- 


llJV.'T.'— SVailv 

furnish .-1 
lirrfr-rml. 1013» 
■ i 7-20- i.v 

roil RENT 

aiihcil room* *' 
Ave., te> mm i 

nisht.1 room .tu trlli 
flat with ttll coB< 
Lindell llTSW. 

WASTHU — liltl Of raiJdJf a K eJ 
lad* in Colored family, ttood home 
■ml Intel] waljes. I'- 2 * • 8t - '''rdinend 

Ave., Mine, stott. /''^SW-) 

WANTED.— Tbr»,-. Colored eMUkci 
to boarH. 282S Adam* Sis, .Mil*. M 
Anderiwn, 8U Louis, Mo. v7iO-i.) 

FOR SALE.— Mfcilr-m. brirk hou», 
393S root AM. ,*ix rihlra.. Kan and 
eleotric. Will wll r1ii>a|> on |-**7 
term* See Adv, -M(jr St. LouL<i Arpii, 
SMI Market. 

PpH BENT.— Bason rwim .flat wiih 

bath, nlnclnc lights furnste and 
screens, 44151 Wf.l »flli' 1*1. Inquire at 
4183 Wot Bclln . ' 7*1. 

FOR. RENT.' — Se* 
soma, m.o.ti-rn *'onvffql 
httr elrf Itn-"*. ' SIrit To 

I'est Bel**: 

WANTED.— A Rnod practise] bleek- 
-smith, '"-•■ familiar wilk waeal wnrk, 

Sbtf end'inarri'u 1 . Pall Mr. Bradley, 
6 Inu 5l , plume' Riverside SO*. . 
TOR iBrT Hrtllv furnished runs** 


at, 15 r»-r ru.mllir I 
170S V- Ni-wrtead Ay 


■*-i unfnralaluHt 

FOR REST«NV*|I.- »moik 
floor rufirn fur ^■■utlriuatJ. 241J pini 

■ FOR Rt>NT- , -Xe»tly -iViiisuW room; 
no. other roomers: for ni>n on It. All 
.anode™ ana)twl— a». 1'hono. Liudi-ll 
402ft. Vast Hell* PI. V T f-4 

FOR RENT— Furaisked rooau srtta. 
etodara coavesieaoea. Ladies or gen. 
llemen. Applr «Qo West Belle' PL ■ 

FOS RENT.— Neatly fnnletud 
leeess to two Christian (antl Bono 
FtUee ireseeenWn Andrea* Box £9. 

ACLEDE, SMT— Largo. humiehed. 
toot room,, with fee. lifht, peoae. hot 
ath and ktuhea; toBTeaia a aae; to re- 
pHUbh coaplt bf gMtletara; S3 y* 

FOR RENT— O*o fumiabifd nmaa 

kill toaai. All i-i ■■■■!•■ rv. 
Paoac, LiadeH 3M*W. 

rOK RENT — Nomtlj f aniaaaal : 
for raapeetabla *b«pi», or tw*c 
mm. Ail aoBtralneaa.'- PhaawL. 
lafttV Apply *0SSa C«k A»*- 

Tuner, Repairer and Finisher 

of Piano* RecaJ and Pipe Organ 

Expert Work Guaranteed. 

IMq«An V. ki C A. aaOataa 
2,tti Lkwton AVe. St. l.oi 






Yoq are hetaby ootiflad that a 

oeeaU flfty dollara (»S0); to Ua innt 
»adtSf in the largoat niinber of aaw 
ugonU over tweaty-flva [»), ana boa- 
dred dollara (9100); to the agent Bell- 

ii][ tag larxaat amount o( gooit, firat 
rr««, aeventy-tlve dolUr» (»7SJ,' aoo- 
uad [iriie fifty dotUra (150)- to the 
agent returning the largeat number of 
!v boxes over oaa thoiuaad (].M0) 
ily-flve dollar*, (»2S), and ta*^he 

• ou are OO.U..O, «.« a « lub MULn u u ■ .«m0OBt of 


Fainter and .interior Dacontot 
Firtt-Claaa Watk. 



bonded, electrical 

Lice nied 

contractor, y/t will wire yoor olH 
ot new home and ruroiah. yon fii- 
lurri and give you aii momhi to on< 
"if to pay for il Fan* rcDted, aold 
xnd repaired. 

"The ro»e i* red, 

Tbe violet* ar. M.,r. / 

I need your work 

And othere do too." 
Call or write me, -Mil Morgan. 
Hramont S70R. Chai. H. Smith. 

i NOTICE! , | 


Wrru at New York City visit lie 

Woman's. Exchange and Bsanty Parlor, 

139 W. :-Jr-.rt St. HXM. R. B. Field* 

. t :. :. !';■■!! '"hone M-198. 

FOR RF.NT— Neatly famished from 
room. Slectric lifhta and ph?ne 
. 433S Cottajt? Ave. 


, tram and Hot Water Radiator 
A Specialty. . All Kinds of 
Stove* Repaired. Call . .' . 

F M. Pascliall 

4314-a Lucky 

'St.. ! ,ouis, Mo 


U irill al 

2117 Market St. 

rce Comallation and Euminatio* 
M^, r . q : 30 L m to I JO p m. 

Thrc,. ii., t lamp room*. S10.30. Ap- 
ply -3«S1 Mar.ket St. ' ■"* 

rXlll KENT.— Neatly ' furnished 
BBU all inodirn w n v. mis nee*. 
42a»W l.ucky Strevt. -(7-20-4.) ~ 

Vital Importance 
To The^ Ladies 

II yon troaUd like 

it rout. . flowing, beautifal. 
■tralght balir; dse one jar of Zjmol 
Hair Grower apd' Straight en er. Price. 
SO centi. sent prepaid everywhere. Re- 
liable agents wanted Zynol ToOet 
Product* Cot, f South Ewitui Ave, 
St.-Louia, Ifo. * 



V »«»CaM WIUIalM -* 
4^.13 tuUa An. Si. Lou.-i 


Spirit Medium 

FOR RENT -Nsatly f Brainked f 
aaea, far e*a or two gaatlewen 
awry- AU in adaea 
Uad.!; 44T4-W, »r rail at *XB 
Want B«Ua. 8 W-. ! 

a«hil taa> iwUm ■ •*• u. I ■ iii 
a— «w tt tk. 'Onu arua* Cawki rf aUaa 


%S2,!*iji*~* Om^SSSSW 


ifuat 30, 31, inelusii 
i:ipl ihhhv imjiortant 
crence lo the future -plana." of iiio com 
'•■■my will be diseuued and explaload. 
Uadam Walknr in gmatiy interested in 
her sjrenta, in i.u-ir successes and thai r 
failures, being eitrameiy anxious to 
help thaoi,. and i) now going over. plans 
fi.r the placing of hor great manufac- 
turing enterprises on an operative 
basis so that her agents will ahara in 
the -proflta of the same, all of which 
<iil| bo fully-explained at the national 

Madam Walker has' offorad live bun 
dred dollar* ($300) in prizes which will 
be given out as follow*: To the agaat 
sending in the largest number of new 

aooond priaa, seventy-five dolls; . 
(»7S), and third piiit, tweatyflve .dol- 
lars (t*B). This contest will clou hy 
Augost 1, 1917. Priaes will be given 
at the convent!. i.i on August 30, 31, 
iuelualvn. All who vrlsh to sntor tb* 
ronteit please send (heir names at once 
io the mala office, 640 North IV est 
street, Indianapolis, Indians, that they. 
may be properly- listed.. All those who 
eannot enter the contest this year are 
urged to arrange to enter it next year, 
as this wil( be an annual affair. All 
vlio wish to expect to attend the na- 
tional fonv'ontion, write Mrs. Margar- 
et Thompson, 1804 North Twenty-Bret 
Street, Philsdelphin,' Pa. 

Madam C. J. Walker Mfg. Co. 


! Life Insurance Co, ! 

X Policy Holders Who Did Live J 

In East St. Louis call at Once + 

-Al- THE " * ' - + 

Metropolitan Life Office 

911 Locust Street 

Board of Education Bldf ., Room 404 + 

: : r_J — ~l 

Murphy Building, 6th Floor.. + 

East St Loui*, Illinois * ,}, 

+ Your Interest will be Looked' J 

j" Policy holders in other cities, cull at nearest office 4° 

G. H. Earnshaw, Supt. 

+ ' Z-zr + 

4 Telephone: St. Clair 663 '• ' ■>. 

+ ■■'"'■■ + 

X + + + + + j|. + + 4.4. + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + X 

See Scenic Colorado 


Evsrytluni Yo« lay Fro m Us W Q „ Yaa Entire SetWartkan 
uiHrnthemerluotourgeoeU.. You -^Il^rofi by^kSak h-r* 1WW " w * ,oW ' 






of the > 

njir years oh rax market 


. Mr: Victoria CIoy-Hahy 

10* N. Jeffereoa Ave. St. Loess. Mo 


Will Promoter Full Growth of 
Hair," Will .'also Restore the 
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best known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
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Price Sent by Mail, 50c: 10c Extra for Postage 


■ ^Mtra'far Posin/e 

S. 4). LYONS, Gea. Agt., 3M E. 2d St. 
Oklahoma City, Okla. 


1 . ' * . fc«V BANKS *r>d W ATKINS. 

tHf: BASKtT COAL JSEN. . - ".'.'"' 

1 Basket lor - — : 1— -~ ,..10 Cents 

6 '* ** - — SO " 

13 " . - .:__; _...;....^...1I.00, 

28 " ** ,.-......„....: .. :.—„.. sloo 


I. E, Banks 'and Watkint 

' t IIS SI L.liii ( ».)! . 411 5. . i» S. *•>.( 

T ^T.V4wtt«V# 


The American Woodmen Special 

Via The 


Id the 

Fourth Quadrennial Session of the Supreme 
Camp of the Order of American Woodmen 


Denver, Colorado, August 13-18, 1917 

Round Trip fare St. Louis to Denver; Cok>., via Pueblo and Colorado 
Springs, $27.50, lower berth fare in sleeping car oae way only, 52.75 
A special side trip ticket from Denver over the wonderful Switz- 
erland Trail of America" will be given free to the delegates and 


Special Train via the Missouri Pacific R. R. will leave St. Loois 
Union Station at 9:00 a. m.. Saturday. August 11, 1917. Any one 
wishing to take advantage of this ifeplendid trip may secure detailed 
information, beautifully Ulaatratad Colorado literature, etc.,. by 

calling or addressing ' " 

8 J. KNOX, Supervising Deputy Order of 
American Woodmen, 3524 Lawton Avenue. 
Phone, Lindell 1904. 

or J. M. GRIFFIN, Gert'l Aawart 
318 North Broadway. 


Mcdowell b'ros. 

Ladr S-eawsawt for Wsswesi 





OCR rwa us. 

— a-al BBjJs.nwjsBreanwSlwl 

\JUfmAMD\J9lEXtiA2MCd.~ JqitY City. N.J. 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work si Sewer Pipe Works. Wages 
$2.35 per day for regular men who will 
work steadily six days per week. 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 

Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co- 

S2W Maricheater Avenue'" 

For Sale 

, v ~1 ; 

Twenty Lots in South Kuiloch 
Direct from owner Cheap. See 

J. EL Mitchell, Argus Office 

The Shame of 
the Gospel 


Qospal of Ctirlst; (or it ii (ha power of 
Ood unto Miv»tioo to averyoae thai l»- 
llevain: ro ilia jaw Brit, aad alaa to Um 

: Why should ire be ashamed of tb« 
OoapclT Men an not aiduiniod of per- 

versions of' It. 
Our t rlends who 
have e a p o u ■ e d 
modern "tarns" 
talk of their beau- 
tlea in the parlor 
Bpd on the sines t, 
bund Bl llterii- 
tare about them 
and Invite us to 
their meetings. 
It seems natural 
f or l h el i 1 to do eo. 
But there U snine- 
t h I n g Unnatural 
i( bout our doing 
likewise Id regard 
the OospeL 


We can understand why Pan! mlgbt 

have been- ashamed or the Gospel In 

Bom*. Today the cross has- become 

' ilorlfled In men's ere*, hot then It 

was, only tin' ayl of soarae, and 

Paul preached •■« savior ooa who 
was crndOed between two thieves. 
Many of the early Chriatlana were of 
lowly station while Rome was the. cen- 
ter of wealth, culture and power. ' 

Things have changed somewhat, 
outwardly, yet we too And abundant 
temptations to bo ashamed of the 
Gospel Scientific circle, often rtdl- 
v cole Its niching as to man'a origin, 
coqdltlon arid destiny. The working- 
man finds It takes courage to roll his 
companions of his conversion and 
school boys win Jibe their fellow who 
dares to kneel at hie bedside to pray. 
Prances Ridley Havergal tells of at- 
tending a social gathering one eve- 
ning where she waa Invited to sing. 
Sbe selected a sweet ■ hymn 'about 
Jesus and. sang it, snd as we read, of 
it, we feel It was not easy to do that. 
Why We, Are Ashamed. 
And now It la time to try to give 
the real reason why I'nul might have 
been ashamed of the Gospel at Borne, 
Why we mky' be ashamed ot it now, 
and. on the contrary, why the follow- 
ers of \new "Isms" are not ashamed 
of them. We believe It Is because of 
the different attitude taken towards 
map. The Gospel regards him as lost, 
and undone, needing a Savior who 
redeems him by the. death of the 

.crow, rt tella aim he 'MM be born 
again, becoming a new creation. .True, 
the Gospel holds before man a des- 
tiny such as haa not entered lita heart 
to conceive. 

Paul tells, however, why he waa not 
ashamed. First, the Gospel Is u pow- 
er. Of this there can be .no doubt. 
For example, John iAwrcnce declared 
that however. 'much the' British gov- 
ernment has done tor India, the mis- 
sionary has done more; the modern 
educational system of India sprang 
from Carey and l-mit through ilacan- 
K'V. Dr. Edgerton It. Young tella. in 
a fasdnatlng way, how thla aeme Gos- 
pel wrought changes among' the Amer- 
ican Indkana tor the far north, trans- 
forming them -from improvident sav- 
ages InM owners. of harvesting ma- 
chinery and well-built barns and boun- 
t«i-us Crops. 

That Converted Medicine M an. 
Bat this Is not stl; It Is a power 
"unto solvation." ■ Let others do with, 
all their enchantmenta what thai Gos- 
pel is doing every dn y— hrtngln* 
peace to bad consciences, contentment 
to restless hearts, and hope to .those 
whose' outlook .Into the future Is 
gloomy- We recall one story told by 
Dr. Egenon It. Young about an. lir- 
dlan medicine man. We <re per- 

'*uid*d by hla accotrnti. tad those of 

.David Bralnord that nun; of these 




(By K. p. HEl.l.EIlS. Acting [HrnlDr of 

las Sunday School Co urn In lbs Moody 
Blols Institute of Chk-agn ) 
iCiiE/tishi. till. Maura Xmeiw tnian i 



' COl.UEN TEXT-God Is our rstufa and 

atranslh, a very pnnnt help In trouble 

Paa. M:I. ,•»,".- ' 

ILast week's lesson was a great pic- 
ture of the reform, of the notion. To- 
day we have another, picture which; 
needs to bo carefully put before the 
children. It Is u notional picture of n. 
ruler and the Inrasicin of till country. 
In reality it reveals the- principles 
which ere the same today, and. which 
affect the lives of bayaVand girls as 
well as men ; the dangers, temptations, 
the need of prayer.-the need of a life 
of faith In < the ot a heavenly 
f tuber, deliverance and victory. Ills 
a great thing for any notion or any 
Individual to have such a marvelous 
experience of God's salvation. It oc- 
curred -probably B. C. 701, the latter 
part of Hexeklah's reign. Assyria on 
the north was enlarging Its borders 
and seeking' to overcome Judea. Bead 
parallel accounts In ri Kings IS; IT 
Cbrcin. 32 and Isa. 30:37. We have on 
the Taylor cylinder an account by Sen- 
nuclierib of the victory over Heseklsh, 
found In Nineveh In 1830 and now In 
tbe British museum. 

I. The Situation. When the great 
Sargon died at Nineveh, the Syrian 
governments sought to, assert tBelr In- 
dependence. It was a good time for 
Heiekiah also to assert hll Independ- 
ence. Accordingly they refused to pay 
the customary tribute to Assyria. Far 
a time Sednnrherib was too busy at- 
tending to other portions of the en> 
plfe to pay much attention to the city 

Pafa 7 



Are modern and contain Du i\ 
ability Bmnmfit*. Semi- Annual 
Quarterly or Monthly Income 
options and other up-to-date 
features. These contracts have 
been approved by the Insur- 
ance Departments «f nine 
States arid several actuaries as 
being all thatcan be given to 
the Insured to protect his fam- 
ily or himself or both at the 
same rates. £»ch policy has 
Cash, Loan; Paid-up and Ex- 
tended Insurance Values. , ' " • 

pietea Your Life-Line" and should be in every home, and 
Your riome i.i the one for which you are directly' respon- 
sible, Act now- , ■■:'/.■'■ 

THE $125,000.-00 CAPITAL in addition to. the over 
$100,000 accumulated Reserve required by law stands be- 
hind everj policy issued hy the Company. 

Send us your name, age and occupation and we will 
mail full particulars [or send a Standard representative to 
call upon you. - - 





HOME OFFICE j2G0 Auburn Avenue 

Atlanta, Giorgio 

A. DICKSON. Special Renresentathe for Missouri. 


an spirit as! Isllc mediums have their 
'"controUL" Doctor Young vial ted. the 
sua referred to and consented to Vat 
with him. In an Instant there wis a 
fleam In. the Indian'a eye and- he 
fianced at the medicine hag hanging 
on his tent pole. Doctor Toons knew 
tr.hatjlhf fiance' meant : the Indian 
thought be would no* he able to kill 
Mm by ansae of the powerful poisons 
In 'thai soedUWe hue Doctor Young 
baldly charted him with this murder- 
ooa Intent. The Indian cowered un- 
ite the retake, but that was-all. Yet 
after asoae ereeks. thfs sense poor 
craerun was found chxhwl in his 
right, salad and sitting at the feet at 

of a Gospel of piiwer Oke (JUal ' 

Third, thla power Is for .rrerrooe 
who beiievea, Jew or - Oenllle. The 
fact that all races and rlaases may 
•star Into the blessing augrsat that 
As Gosrwi orislnatn wtrh hlra who' 
Is' Lord of all. 'The fact chat it la 

Aad now, dear . reader, what Is that 

hettef. that tsifq watch hrtnss.aa mi- 

yatioar It duwa am <neaj> mere belief 
la a sawed, or naythtn*; of that sort. 
It as. r*i»er 

of siaaera Is slti* 

dued the cities nn the coast and threat- 
ened Egypt ttaeU. . / -. 

II. The Supplication (tt/ 20-22). 
Ood does' tblncs' because we pray- 
There was more power In'HeMklah's 
prayer than there waa In his army. 
.ThroiiRb bis prayers be Isld 18S.00U 
o( his enemies in -the grave. Beaeklah's 
Ood saved hla people out of the hand 
of Sennacherib (v.- ID), Ood One 

great reitson why he- heard Hezeklnh's 
prayer was becaase It was for God's 
own (lory'that Hexeklah asked (v. 18). 
One great reason- why n many of our 
prayers ure not answered la because 
they are selfish — see Muc ' our own 
trrntfficatlon and not God's honor 
(Jatnea 4 :3 R. \ - .). . Reading talu 
clotbee Hnd.puttloc on sackcloth, He~ 
xeklab went to the house of God while 
hla messengers soucht out the prophet 
Isaiah, ' From II Cbron. 32 :20 we And 
that Isaiah Joined with TIeseklah In 
Ms earnest- prayer (Hntt. 13:19. 30). 
thus the ilng and prophet worked as 
well -ai prayed. They showed their 
faltlt by their work (James 2:VT, IS). 
At the same time they waitednpoh 
God for an answer, not becsnse God 
was nnwilUeg .to bestow good things. 
or TOst be trnportuued, but that hit 
glfta may bring the/ greater beneflt 
lie. sometimes . delnya his. answer. 
thereby fitting na ti. receive them'be- 
cause of the Intensity of oar desire 
and to appreciate the things he haa 
to bestow. Ood la a* ready to aay to 
us as. to Heseklsh, "^Thy prayer is 
heard." if we will not meet the eoodl? 
ii'ins of piWvaJling prayer (I John 
3^2; I 'jahnfttU: itora. 8:20.^7). 

111. asafa-aiorfeus Dsllvsrani* (vv. 
2s-3J). -Godwarmltted the Assyrians 
ha attack sad Oswy thoa >~sji^) thai 
«ere (ntvfftt their own will and could 
do aa oeey pleased.-bat when his "rod" 
1 401 
roved gBtded them si with a "bridle" 
and turned tfnan back to Assyria. Sea- 
nacberib considered himself more than 
a m'atcb for God (Ch. 18:23-25) bnt 
hsd\to return like a conquered *euJt 
of burden with Coirs "hook" In Ms 
nose -and bridle on fab* rips; God st- 
l«»i the eueniies,of his. people to go a 
Certain length In order that'hls people 
msy he humbled anil seek him. ' Then 
he puis forth bis hand and aaya, "This 
far and ai) further." ■ Jehovah gives na 
the aame promlae be asve- Ueiekiah. 
"1 will defend thla City." la not the 
cUy of. Jewonileio thae Ood defends 
more aate itian a dty defended by an 
army? u'v. W '. •■ : 27 n. God had 
'promliHl I'avid that . his kingdom 
should not' perish, (or In. tt lay the 
hope of the. world and hi* plana for 
the redemption of mankind. Not be- 
cause of the people did God defend the 
dty. bnt.becanse at his. oetn. This is 
a ntoat dmmatlc picture. . the mys- 
terious detraction of the' Assyrian 
army fW. 36. 36). The Lord Seat hla 
soil.-!, irtrraliy hla "measenger."- who 
applied his own phan Tor the areoaa- 
g Hth aae n t of Us fMrpoee. 
. There ts a. aurt of a grim irony In 
the eauii'nc of senoarfcerlb'a career. Ue 
who bad W ihfftaoliy- asked. --Who are 
they n Tniiijj! all the f»i» of the country 
that have delivered their country out 
af mine band.'* Is ted back to the boose 
of hia own gijd wIhmb tie tmagi&ea to 
be M Botest U worship snd la tsu 
very pteaenee la Asia' by the hands as* 
ana at bis'nwa anna. THe importance 
of this event Is'sbaws t.j the fact thai 
It la referred to in thr«( boofcS^ss; the 
Bible aad prr*ab4y rsteered to aaech- 
a*> oecoBylrr|i -even or riaftt chaptera. 




when loekioi f or the ORiGtNAL Skin Oiatanetu aod Cesa- 
Sriglslacr. In successful use over dghtj- yeara.-* Many 
•J boxes sold ail over the country to aajsvsaetwl mil. 
lEWARE af all tabstitutes. Substitutes aaar bo hawaacau; errai 
• Insist upon- 1> tans, what yon want - the e 

^aaN^UCCiaSS" Oiaanent and Soap. 

V t 



. , 


3 ? ,",! 

&» V 

lr • 

" -" - 4 : ii "* 

*■':< 'r^S^H atsV ■ !■ SaaaBUaUal 

t t r4at/m 

1 ffe 

'''r4 f L. 

,'.'-" ,v 

... U.,. K rajj W; 


% ■•" ■ 

Oxford Hair ««n ■-- 

w$f j- ■ 3p 



b> mil IM»M(jl»il,M ,]» 

..■II. « ,«,,. r,„, s , Kabl , j, irtt 

O. F.,n L > Miid GflOWEB 

50 ■?"<■■>• ■ ' (•■■ 
... nn H'tlKoliii'M inia.SLrmm 

H.ih ,., U5.A v 
♦■see ..i-,.,. p, « ■ L 


i Ait. *■••.' j. llLPi i 


1512 Atkaaaic Are, 
Write iar a aaauple of 
r '■ ' What 

K. T. 


We aiso r guarantee that 
the- teeth will not be ci-o- 
tinually breskinK olT. . 



roaMERi.v wna BOSTON 1SKNT*1. I'O. 
- (l>.r(h.M',M.« .inW,,, ' 


It, has jnat been called to out atten ' 

in that there ia some peraDB, . - „■ ■ 
sons, going around soliciting adverttn 
ing, ( rep relenting thenuelvea as pub 
Ushers of the Official Program of the 
Supreme ' Lodge session K. 1". to hi- 
hell in St. XouiS dortng the month Of 

The poblie i* hereby warned againot 
lueh peraoaa and is ad viae J that tb* 
Argus PuUiahisg Company has tbi 
elusive right to pobtisb the' Official 
Program far aaid aaasioa. And in tea 
itaitTnin.t from the .weretajy of th' 
Ways aad Means Commuter, who let 
the contract. . 

To Whom It May Concern: ' 

This ia to eertify that the ' A rgue 
Pnhtiahing Compasy haS the eseluaiee 
right to publish the official- program foi" 
the (Vpreme Ledga Kslghts of Pythiai. 

,/ Cbaa. A. Mills, Beeretary, 

Waya mad M f& Committee, 

Classes to fif^our eyes (or 

$1.00 and Up-. . 
Gold Filled Eyeglass Frame* 
and Mounting; of the very best 
quality and" Eo-west prices. 
2335 Market St. 

17 Years 

The ' Scent Confereace a* - Poplar 
Htnff,. «-!.. Aofnat 7, 8, B. 10 aad 11, 
breae bead, life' sad drum earpa. Pn- 

trwtic soagi o( .tmtr**, nn'i vane*. 
asd bey's voice* Bugle wgssit calla 
anid sueches. Agrieoltsral expert* and 
apeakera of aatisas) praam naaee wilt be 
ai thia eoafereaee. Every sra'at 

Boy aaaota of America. 



Try The Argus 

BtlL Bomont . m 

C. M. WILKINS .-■' 

Ice and Wood, Coal By the Bslsket or Ton 
Ash Hauling and Express 

ST. LOUtl 

Harry ML Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

Good Houses Flats and Rooom to Kent to Cnloeed Peoees. Cell t 

('hone. - - *'■ ' 





and.SrA aid. 

A ri.iiijuele pro- 

j ram. 

8cnd Tfiur na 

mr, Mr. Beost- 


and the nam. 

vf your troop 

"Mm ben. Have you 

troop in thia 


Information ta 

be obtaiaed by 


vosr sddreaa. 

C. H. Stewart, 

-^Bsutmaiter. Troop No 

3 f.iplat Blnff, 


All peraoaa who lo-t relatives st'H 
"H Lsuis aeaald Us. their elejmV mi 
aS Mureoy ' B!-ig . K, a«- l-,.i> or 
»C JtAuia oava, fitb and .LoeBst W. 
lassw ,. i- , »»,,.- ^aft ^a eity should 
■fajly to ike aearut "office ts their 
maaity All elaisaa wiH bejmmedisteh- 

i*¥ ■ 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening Bwtfit 

W0LFBRQS.1214r>.Senate Are., Indianapolis, InsJ., U.S.A. 

Carter's Uttte Liver Pills 

You Caonot Be 

and Happy 

sww B.r>sae_ 


A Remedy That 

Makes iLife 

- Worth- Living 


FRY'S Busy Cut Rate Drug Store 

Service, Our Motto ■ ' W« Deliver the- Good* 

": . ' . EWtNGmdMAJtaETST. 
Central S2S8 TsiiiaT Y 




The Wonderful Telepathic Artist 

Bessie Brown And 2 Other Acts 


Goanateed Moving Pfctuwi of Battlw Raging In Frinc* 

Series No. 4, Wednesday, July 25 







W B- Hart, the Celebrated Actor < 

Western purls, lltis'time n<ppoars in, 

, ' "THE QtJKriGnTEB" 

Alan rijwcinl Keystone CmtfiM 


A Hluo.Hir.I yuurpirrr in,] 
1 Vn Kiln. Comedy, 


By H. T. M. 

■ ' THE Rt 



~ Monday July -33, 


Trinpflc Picture Featuring Frank 






A Blue llird Raoloplay. 




Satartlsy Special Vltngrnph Photo- 
play*.. 0. Henry'* BtorlaL 


Saturday ' ' 



'The' Neglected Wife" 

jot? . i 

iarrv Loekwood end May Allison 




A viiii to Dt: Kiiry'f office -will aa 
•war the q,Mi-*tiun. Up sells .eyeglass. 
•nil -j" 1 . : »■';•>« .on tin* payments ud 
lit you w*m tha Kinases while voii ire 
pe*iij ;; fur 1 km. aa '7«i * ill know 
Ik*. |luiv* are £>ing U* £i*. yw* tat. 
■afaetion bafore; yes* pa* for. these. 

H* tests >.,„, -yea wiin.ttie laseM- 
■n-i-lrv:-' . •■; ntineat., aad ia prepared t* 
give you prompt scrvira. machin-ry in- 
stalled" in. hi* oiKea is/run by electric 
suitors, which enabiee him 10 grind 
lenses while you wait. 

Ito has lh* only optical m a ml factory 
•winl anil run by a Negro is the state 
•f Miatouri. 

Located at 8J3 N. JeiTrrsoo Art., 8. 
.♦.'-'Corner .'.■:■:■■■■, Aye." and Wash 





" The -how at" the Booker Waah 
ton . Theater thin week is ' full of 
"pep." There ia an abundance of 
sin^iiitf, itin'-iiiK ami burlc»jiue' coin- 
eily, with a little novelty fur full 

Ah-i Bailer opens - the dhow with 
monologue: and sung number*.. Ho 
sings a couple S.f parodies on populnr 
song* urn! closes with "When' the 
Twili K ht Count,*.' The Ml is gener 
niisly applauded. 

Van (.'lay Hml Brown hav-' a eombi 
nation sonc. dance anil novelty ut 
Miss Van t*!"v, performs several fenls 
uf halanfiiiK with her teeth, Bttftg 
ehairs as her. initrumenti". Mr. Brown 
is featutirii; iinitatioun' on a mouth 
harp. lloth score nieely. 'enpeeinlly 
the wdrk of the female member, 
nhirh is eii-^piimiHl. They close with 
mag and dnnee. 

Donnvor and Dounviir mix a bic 
quantity of romie nlnmrdity with 
danres. ^onversiltionnl an^ aingle sonii 
numbers. They keep the audience 
lnui;hini; »iih their antir* and are 
well spplaiiiled on their several' sonK 

Ilnu^e and Home have a rarity, in 
that it ii a talking" aet . without song 
or rinnee, eirept a shitrt strain at the 
finale. It '» •ijualible. rather a one- 
sided Tiff air. Willi the female member 
playini; the leading lime rule. What 
she *nvs Ih-Znre her voraTmlary Is ojt- 
hanstnl iti>e» . credit 1o the traditions 
of hrr sen,- and [iqot nun, ns usual, 
is-al her .mercy. But he gets his torn 
lint) proves himself a prize, prevaricat- 
or,' -His braggadocio gets him in 
trouble, however, and he is aa meek 
as a - lamb by the time he i* ihorn. 
The act is a scream from start to 
finish aiul' is making a decided bit 
with the pntrnna. .'-' ■ 

Nan Wealt 

Th* Princess MMteria, the wonder- 
ful telepathic, artial. in the "Wonder 
Wnman at the Hide Show," wilifamd 
the bill .at^ the Booker. Waahington 





Beasie Brown, a' talented linger, and 
two other aeti'will mak* up m. 

The iMmet Odcon haa engaged two 
Colored inuaiciana to furnish the mnaic 
tor the. pictnrea daily. This is a atep 
in the right direction. 




" PboH»: Kia.'Oa. 4TS3B1 
2.135a. MARKET ST. 

- . - raise the ad 
■nan prices, at Ine "Booker Wathing- 
TheatM,, during the engagement o( 
bj« Urake-Walher I'ompany, two 
iki beginnipg M.onday Jtily SO. The 
i.r uf the flrat ahnw. to begin nightl; 
I he ii o'rlwlt ml an eatrs' sho> 
v In- neecaaarv to . accommodate 
I anticipated ' bif crowds. 

Tb>.Boskar Washington Theater 
Kelt phoao, Boment *2W. ; inatalM 
or the conveaienea of its ■■-.!-■ -■• 

\nothef serie. of thrilla in tho photo 
.y line will : tart nt tl» Booker Waao- 
;ton Thenlre. Monday July 30, when 
■ lira! episode of "The Ornv Oboet" 

will be shown. 
This ptny is tnken fro id the famoua 

Satitrdnv El 

full of 

ost nrriU atory, 
enthralling ailakv 

'■ gapping seenea, martelcan ai-Lion 
itraordinn'ry swiftness, And punehei 
re. Its Startling «ene» and in- 
:>* dramatic incidents lead up to a 

endons clinrnx, that-holtll too an 
BS spellbonml. 

r. Turpin ex[*cts the new aerial 
a- aa popular a* "The Voice On 

■WrVc." which is hreakinc all 

Bogg's New Cafe 

ggs' New Cafe, at 2901 Lawto., 
lining is popularity every aight 
exeellent and, courteous treatment 
the patrona ari/ receiving at. thia ar- 
tistic place is singing its-praisea everf- 
H-here. High class cabaret with rood 
[in-hcitril "accoinpanlnient is featured 
ladies are given useful soovenrra on 
Thursday nighta. 

Almack Academy 
Bofs and Girls All 
Day Boat Excursion 

The.' A!i»|rk Dancing Academy Boys 
ind Oiria w»ll give an all day boat ex- 
cursion on the ;Steamer C.rey Eagle, 
Monday July S3. The boat will leave 
the foot of Olire Street at 9:30 a. m. 
and will stpp^t Alton, going and com- 
ing. Mniie will be famished bj tho 
iireat Western Band and a big time 
is assured. The ticljeu "will coat 35c, 
Joe Davis is managerand W. H. Een- 
natdi- president. • , 


Gr«tn ha> found a ran eura for ifcea- 
matuBn, neuralgia; bad cold, haadache, 
pains "in back, and side, indigaatipa. 
stomaek and kidaay ailnanta, cram;* 
colic: an eieallant prepuatioa for 
douches. These faeta arc varilad by 
many testlmoBiaia of both racea. 
- Agents wanted everywhere. Par 
particulars, call or writ* A. B. Qraea, 
933S Wagnar A.»., St. Loada, ' Ma 
l-boar. CaJtaay i»w. 


ASntAt DEAIs nuuttE . 


Yew. aaaat aaatUsatl haskag ttiaa as**. 

LOW riE CAc 


■ '.ii rear 111* fraa 1 T M. 
BUM- Po-m an ».,+ ,IJ. 


- 1 ta, yaw aaa p apa s ■* a* us p«a 
m WaaaJacfSf Tkseiei, aa- ( will tall 
aaat ap. The aastaer >a B— «l t*M. 

Prsarf White, tho popular movie star 
mil be artn Shortly in a- new serial. 
;.The Fatal Ring." The photo-piai 
• shown at ike Movie Theatre an« 
iirilome every yViflav, beginning 
\11gust 3, 

There are stunts, in it,' thrills in i: 
ind there is mystery in it^-to" say noth 
,ng of a three cornered struggle. b"th 
;>l-tting and gain poueeaioa 
if, >!;■-. time, the Vuilet IlKanoad. The 
fearless' Pearl, swinging aroan.i en. 
handeliera and bowling .over swarthy 
men as if they were sn many pins. *•-. 
haves van much like a female Falr- 
1 jinks. The .female. ,-jflKeSatBlly, la 
marh niare wondrou^ than the' male. 
Hhr, however, dMfS "t do.all ttobifflng 
and banging. TherV. is juvenile Eatle 
"*!•' for Ihe ticae being kaa de- 
serted the parlor draaia for the taak- 
r:.- iji.'s .and two atory jumps of 
The Fatal- Ring." And then theca 1* 
toe east oj.eitras whoflght like/ the 
ng^tiata of "liases ge-ae by. AbJ War- 
aar OUad the heavy with the ..pbntiag 
look, erstwhile Mejte- Japanese 
"Patria-V , ' 

L, Th» aertal is Wr,,l ta be ■pop^l«» 
with photo- play 1 Boa, *h<t should, aot 
fail .ta aaa the Bret episede of' three eUher af the -.-■■a tkaauaa 
oa Friday, Asgast "3. 

Don't stand on the corner and see 

•nor friends go by.. Oat In the Raoe! 
Jbia the Uniform Buk. Any eompany 
is what yoa make tt,. Pythiaa Co. A. 
off era yoa apacial tadneemetits. 8ee 
Capi Oireaa anv night at Pythiaa 

Too can always, depend upon 

Henry Braum. 

WAKTED.— Cotored alroplaae epeY 
at- ■ r Addreaa Will rtattna, tare Argaa. 
Sal Market St., St. Lasda, Mo. , 

WANTED— *S- reliable colored hv 
hnrara fat Miausaaata. Steel Mills. Da 
lath, sfiaau, W" e'ea ta per hoaar. 11 hears 
if eraajed. Call at Xesraart Hetet 
hfsuitK. Maadae weraiag at 10 A. M. 

Call f*t Ms. J-.e.'er. 

r lowest prices jn 
and fancy Otoe* 

thV YOUR HAND .-m 



Mrs. A. Crowley 


Clairvoyant. Medium and Palmist. " ,ia 
future ear, b« foretold. HoVnacbb-u 
tu it ia to look- in the future and ■» 
proaperoua. Advk* rivea in all i-,t. 
ten af Ufa. Give luek in Imitneas aid 
apeeaUtioa. la* »uiu. ... Settles lo. -n 
nuarreir, brings separated tesjeib-r 
Makes peace and bappiaeaa ra ' -1m 

One block sreat frosa Wallaion I.»b, 
Weluton, Hadiansont and Hun 

/ The Beehar Waahington has a 
phoae, Bomoet fjM, isurtaUad fair 
eonveaieaee of ita patroaa- 


■, ICdtitinuwifrom P»«o 1) 

" ill .rendc. ■ invalnabla aarviea by send- 
ing in to' tho committee clothing for 
the needy. 

. < on Finance, 

Mr. William H. Huffman. cJec-Treaa. 

Kev. William H, peek, Chairman, 


lvir-kn ("ourt of Calanthe No. SB:|I9.01 

Kmil Nathan k Co., 3018 Market 10.00 

Hnv"d B. Imes, 414D-W Belle PL. 3.00 Hardin .' ' LOO 

Vrthur Garth :..... '.... ilj« 

l-.uim'elt 1'Vieu » ........'.. /L.00 

Judgo Hnirv W. MeChaaney. .. 5.00 
Win. -Young. 5539 Page- Blvd. .. 5.00 
Mrs. J. 8. Neshit, a5Sl Oatlleld. 1.00 

Col. NlehoUa M. Ball 10.00 

7. P. Chapman Papal Co....... £0.00 

Syraenaa Lodge, K. P.. .... 10.00 

I'srltoa, Drygoodiman (Colored) 15.00 
Mr. A Mrs. Woodson E. Aber- 

athy, 'IS19 Ooode .'... 5.00 

St. Jamas A. it. E. Church.... 30.00 

''has. Harper, 2930 Laarton (.00 

St. Louis Malleablo' Casting Co. 20.00 

Bev. A. R. Dobbins .( 4.00 

Allen Gstapel Kansas City, Vo. . 50.00 

it H. Bailey ". 3.00 

Win. Tale 10.00 

Mass Meeting 38.00 

No name given, eity , . .50 

<1ias. Turpi 11, Booker Washington 

Theater Benefit 58,64 

F'ridp of West, Lodge No. I, K. 

-"-■ :... ' 15.00 

rigessalonian Bapt. Church...,.-. B.4S 
rvTlen Chriatian Ey., Taylorville,' 

Illinois ; 3.65 

Mrs. hfary E. Carter, Tsylorville, 

minois , 5.00 

Schneider Pro*.. £815 Wash ...... &0Q 

iv. J. I* Brook s, . Wenater ' 
QrOves, Mo. .' a.fjfj 

FnieardiviHa Social Settlement 
Club ....'..■ -SM 

ToUl «3».00 

Cost af Tilcgrams te ABaa 

Chapfl.../. :... loo 

beneeier| Chucb; Kaniaa City, 

Ma. , '....-.. ..(41.03 

Harncs Crosby .- 10.00 

ll-demption of Souls .'. 7.00 

Harry Oranaeman E.00 

North Star Lodge of K. P., Han- 
nibal, Mo v ' 10.00 

ids of. "Went Coart, O. O. C. 

No. 123 K. P.' i.03 

Employees Union- Electric- Light 

Company' . ...'. 11.00 

Mr, Nelson C. Crews 17.00 

Mr. Sam Wheeler '..'.'. :',... B.00 

St Lottia Lodge Mo..'4l K.V.... 10.00 

Dr. I^iuis H. Brhreaa L.... . 5.O0 

Mr. A. A. Henderson too 

Mr. E. L. Keene.. 1.00 

Alton Branch N. Ai A. C. P- 30.00 

Total .'. ,.1507.95 

to date. Jnly IB, 1»17:- 

J. A. K.' Picklin , (Groceries 
for Mis* Westbrook :....! 4J0 

Bismark Larine (Cooking 

- TJteasiles for' Miss -West- 
brook .- '. . ! 3.75 

Fannie rimes (feeding three 

people-. 4.00 

Pearl Walton and Temphia 
Williams (Carefare to E. 
St. Lbnis ,..-..,.' M 

rwra!d.8lorag» Co. ./or mov-- 
' ing Peart Watson and 
• Temphia Williams from E. 
SL Lonis to E841 Ifoat- 
goearry .'...'... i 10.00 

rale Thoaiaa (Rent for Mr. 

and 'Mm. Anderaon 3.00 

J. L. Rrtr 'f"r feerhn-:' Mr. 

and Mrs.. Anderaon JIM 

Nsvlbr, Sinle* and Rich. 
Carfare to Madiaon, HI...' I.ofi 

J. A. K Piekliii groceriea for 
y. W, Naylor, 38 8. Chan- 
ning , 3.S0 

J. A. K. Fieklio groeeriea for. 
H. Sick, 38 rLCbanning.. 3.00 

J. . A. 'BVTIeklin groceries 
for. J. Sibley, 38 8.' Chan- 
Ding . .'..,....... ...■-.... 3.4ft 

Bailroad tickets one whole, 
Mrs. Mary May horn . to . 
Jaekaon, Tean-, and two; for two children It. 11 

Mat lie .Thomas (Rant and. 
Ppel). . ...'. 4£0 

Mattie Thomas {Oroeeriee) 
bought'. from Mrs. Pi T. 

Mary Lewis, Omceriea 1 . . L00 

Bailrostd' To-'k.-t - Barak 
' Bayd ta Memphis, Tenn.. 9.19 
Oay ll-i-i-'ii — for moving 

Mr». Dally Brutton from 

E. St. Leaia ............. tM 

T. .J., Mariaa gmeriea for 

■Mary LewHa ...Vj 4.00 

JT. A. K. FiekHn, groceries 

for Dellie Bntton 3.77 

Mr« Stella Abbett for feed- 

lag af Mr. rrri-rhSel.i 

" Xra. Cruickaeld. BobeK 

Baraej, Williaaa Staalev, . 

Gaacga ' WUHanu, Xra. 

Baa*. Bar! Baas..'. sOJs*. 


Was. Stewart.. KM La-ton 

SJ Joha Wright — hautia 

tranks and food 

f ma East St. Lavs 
84 Joha Wttfh-t 

' clothes far refugee... 1M 

Call Lia-lell 1938 Delmar 4543-R 
..For Limousines or Touring Cars ... 

SAM SHEPARD, Proprietor WILLIS LEWIS, Manager 

Retaoniblo Rates. -The Beat Service ia the City 

Tata! IliS.JI 

M -.W. Maaa-aw 



fVrno^^Ofi^fh^r^ P"" 1 "^ PJ°P«ly nt grant expend with our 
a f™.^i'™ Orcheatrntion, equal to 9 pieces of good orchestra, inclad- 
to'r.T.. 1 ^";?" 1 ' , Refi "^« u "'""'di n g, , . n dB I »e ,( ord e r. Our mutto is 
to please, fjur patrona should not mis* any of them, because they , re 
™ FN ,.„. u - KgJ.Ll'Y WORTH WHILE . • : 

OPEN 10:00 A. M. AND -CLOSE 1100 P M ■ 


T n l* T »*»3'- T*" PrepaWdnaaa 

Faaturing Uolli. King 

. Wednesday— Tbe oreatest and 
moat sensational aerial, featuring 

.. Sntnrday— TbeSecret Kingdom 
featuring DOROTBY KELLY 

CABANY 1)48 ,. .. 

Mme. Undsey M 

Colored Traiee SpinU«!itt 

She cancel! you what yoa Would 

like to know 
She can instruct you in all your 

business ra»ttcr» 

uadwcs m corn and ur 

" ■sais a aaa aav.ia n i H .. lUj 

Mw T:>s a. ta. ta S JO a. m. 

6152 Hmeng At... -- x Well»t« 

KwkwawJ.Fermsea sad 8t._Ck.s4ss Cat* ' 


$15 Gold Pin Teeth $15 

On jour New Plata will insure you against the teeth 1 continually bn«kin.g off 

$s OTHER PLATES as LOW as $s 

AND ' ' ' ' i 

$4.°° Crown aa* Bridge Work $5." 


* DR. E. W. SCHR1EVER. ' 

E 10 ,i,in. ti„r. FREE ' - 720 OLIVE STREET 

5,000 Agents Wanted. 

to- sell the greatest national war song 


hit- of the age, entitled. - 

This i* tbe one. great soogr— the ea- 
presaioa of a great international erisia 
Wherever it has been has made 
a decided kit with all clssasa af pee- 
ple and in fvma.of th» leading churches 
of Chicago, after -an announcement and 
■imply the reading of the words of the 
Soog. persons havp rushed in groups to 
riu> It. faster Umn'tkey cirald he hand- 
pd out. -At present a few tbotuands of 
the sang will be sold for IOC a copy. A 
liberal discount given to persons wish- 
ing to be agents, i'orsons wishing -to 
be agent* send 31.00 and we will send 
vou k uuml.^er .of .copier, of the soug 
that yen begin selling at Persons 
wishing a single- copy, will send 15c. 
Write at once, that you may be the first 
in tbe field. This is one song that yoa 
can make money on by Selling it to peo- 
ple of yont community. It should be in 
every home. Tbe song is written, about 
an ideal American mother — the great- 
eat character portrayed in America* 
literature. Send all money by money 
order or registered letter to - 
StSS State 3t reet. Chicago, 111. - 

All Day Excurtipn. 

Hrilal Hani yau are! Who!' .Why 
the Celored waiters of the Steamers 
Majestic and the.hirev Eagle will give 
an all day axearaien oa the popular 
steaaaer Orev Eagle, Monday morning-. 
JsW 30, IB 17, .p th* UHW hi tha 
Illinois Rlvar. The boat learea the 
feet of OHva St. at » a. an* arrive, 
at AliBa at 11 m. Arrive at tha Illinois 
Elver Illp-K, Arrive it Alton at 
I 30 p. ■- Arrive' at Si Loasa at 7 
p. am. Mnaio by tbe Ortwi Weatera 
Band, W. 4>. Flowers, leader, ticket. 
far adalts, 3S caata rand trtpj ekil- 
drn' 10 esjaM.' 

^Claan, Overtaw, prwsidant; One, t. 
Lapakry, secretary and tnaasuer; Jesaa 
J. Jdhas-r. aapecialry angaged ta be 





Thousand of Colored folks art using 
the asw preparation— Plough '• Black 
an)d White Ointment for clearing up 
and brightening their dark er sallow 
akin*. Folk* look better .with that dark 
skin gone.anda new. soft, light skin in 
place. Black and White Ointment j* 
about the only preparation -that 
bleaches or whiten* up dark ikia to' 
*ueh a' 1 i; hi, delicate, healthy tint a* 
to f'opl moat anybody. It alao removea 
all ikin blcmiahca. as bumps, pimples, 
(Veekjea, tan or skin sore* of aay kind, 
giving a beautiful, aoft,'*mooth light 
earn pier ion to anyone. Se"nd 2Sc 
(stampa or coin) and reeejve a box by" 
return mail-^or a boles for ill.. Ad- 
dress Pioagh ' Chemical Qt, Sept. W, 
Mem ;■:..-. Teen; Ageot* are salting a 
good and . eaay. living selling Plough'* 
Black and White Ointment.- . 

Dent worry, tint save time and moa- 
■y: Xight and Dij Eiprui sad haul- 
ing service. If mora eonieaiaat mov* 
at nrgnt. Tell yoor • wpnyse . and 
Maad*. Tmsks cheeked So tha Star 
ttoa. ■ 

Shirts, blankets, curtains, etc.. rea- 
sonable. LiadcQ 400a. Datsaar 304SL- 
Beswle Page, firsMr. " Asto Js ll isn y ." 
Onu. T. Bhodt, mgV. 4ZM W. Sa. Far- 
•nand Ave.